Karen Spencer (as played by Joanna Johnson on The Bold and the Beautiful)

Useful information about Karen Spencer

* Twin sister of the late Caroline Spencer.
* Sister of Bill Spencer.
* Used to date Thorne Forrester.
* Raised daughter, Caroline, with wife, Danielle.
* Lives in beach house

Who's played Karen Spencer over the years?

Joanna Johnson (December 11 1991 to August 1994; April 28 2009 to Present)

Past History

Karen was kidnapped as a baby, so Caroline Spencer had no idea she had a twin sister. Karen was found working as Faith Roberts in a diner in Texas. Blake Hayes hoped to use her to lure Ridge away from his then-wife, Taylor. When Blake's plan didn't go off as hoped, he bound and gagged Karen, who was saved by her father Bill and Thorne Forrester. She and Thorne began dating. Karen ended up competing for Thorne's attentions with his ex-wife, Macy, and after befriending Brooke, started seeing her attorney, Connor Davis. After lying to him that she was pregnant, their wedding was halted just after exchanging vows at the altar, and was later ruled invalid. Karen left town.

Karen returned to Los Angeles after Bill Spencer Sr died and she learned of her half-brother, Bill Spencer Jr. She attended Bill's wedding to Katie, and later returned for his vow renewal ceremony.

Not long afterward, Karen came back to Los Angeles with her daughter, Caroline, her late sister's namesake, and Brooke helped Caroline land a job at Forrester. Karen left, but soon moved to Los Angeles to be with Caroline, bringing her wife, Danielle. Karen wanted to keep the true nature of her relationship with Danielle a secret, but after Katie saw them kiss, she finally told her brother, Bill, the truth and was relieved to have his love and acceptance - so unlike her late father's reaction.

Flings and Relationships

Thorne Forrester


Bill Spencer Sr. (father)
Bill Spencer Jr. (half-brother)
Caroline Spencer (Sister - deceased)
Liam Spencer (nephew)
Katie Spencer (sister-in-law)


Caroline Spencer (father unknown)


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