Ivy Forrester (as played by Ashleigh Brewer on The Bold and the Beautiful)

Useful information about Ivy Forrester

* Is Eric Forrester's niece via his brother John and Maggie Forrester.
* Designs jewelry.

Who's played Ivy Forrester over the years?

Ashleigh Brewer (July 10 2014 - present)

Past History

Rick brought Ivy Forrester, Eric's niece, to town from Australia in the wake of the Quinn Artisan firing. Talented Ivy had been designing jewelry for the Sydney boutique, and Rick, Eric, and Hope decided she had potential as a jewelry designer for Forrester Creations.


John Forrester (father)
Maggie Forrester (mother)
Eric Forrester (uncle)
Stephanie Douglas Forrester (Deceased) (aunt, deceased)
Felicia Forrester (cousin)
Kristen Forrester Dominguez (cousin)
Ridge Forrester (cousin)
Thorne Forrester (cousin)




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