Dayzee Leigh Forrester (as played by Kristolyn Lloyd on The Bold and the Beautiful)

Useful information about Dayzee Leigh Forrester

* Met Stephanie while living on Skid Row.
* Helps out at the Union Mission.
* Inspired Stephanie to fight her cancer.
* Runs the former 'Insomnia Cafe'.
* Married Marcus Forrester

Who's played Dayzee Leigh Forrester over the years?

Kristolyn Lloyd (December 20, 2010 - present)

Past History

Dayzee met Stephanie while living on Skid Row. Dayzee had picked up Stephanie's scarf on the beach and Stephanie followed her, only to discover she was using the scarf to cover her friend's baby. Stephanie and Dayzee became friends when Dayzee opened Stephanie's eyes to the plight of the homeless, and thereby inspired her to fight her cancer and help others.

Stephanie bought Dayzee the former Insomnia Cafe and renamed it after her. Marcus and Dayzee had a flirtation, but when he left on business, she took up with Thomas Forrester.

After Dayzee found out that Thomas had conspired with Stephanie and lied about having made love with Brooke on the island she dumped him. Dayzee is now back with Marcus. After bonding with his daughter, she accepted his proposal and they got married. Unfortunately, they married with Marcus withholding the secret that he had hit Dayzee's friend Anthony with his car the night before the wedding - while texting and driving. Dayzee was devastated to find out. Later, after it turned out Marcus hadn't hit Anthony - a hit and run driver had done it, Dayzee and Marcus' marriage got back on track.

Dayzee's past came back to haunt her when Maya Avant showed up looking for the daughter that Dayzee had helped her adopt out when she was down and out and headed to jail. Dayzee learned that Maya's daughter and her adoptive parents were killed in an accident and broke the news to Maya. She offered Maya an apartment above the coffee shop and has since been a friend to her, though they had a bit of tension when Maya fell for Rick while he was dating Caroline. Dayzee has been Maya's confidante as she struggles to forget Rick and focus on her upcoming marriage to Carter.

Flings and Relationships



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