Coco Spectra (as played by Courtney Grosbeck on The Bold and the Beautiful)

Useful information about Coco Spectra

* Younger sister of Sally Spectra
* Dates RJ Forrester

Who's played Coco Spectra over the years?

Courtney Grosbeck (February 24 2017 - present)

Past History

Coco Spectra arrived at Spectra Fashions shortly after her older sister Sally began her bid to revive the former fashion house. She hoped to help out at the company, but as it was ready to go under, she instead applied for an internship at Forrester Creations. She was accepted as an intern despite several of the Forresters having reservations about hiring a Spectra thanks to Thomas (who was interested in Sally) vouching for her. Coco also saved RJ's life when a forklift carrying boxes headed straight for him in the cargo bay, which gave her a reprieve from his father, Ridge, and led to her first kiss with RJ. Unbeknownst to Coco, Sally, her grandmother Shirley, and Saul Jr. gave her a necklace with a hidden camera to spy on her new employer.

Flings and Relationships

RJ Forrester (kissed)


Shirley Spectra (grandmother)
Sally Spectra Garrison (great aunt)
Sally Spectra (sister)
CJ Garrison (cousin)




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