Charlie Webber (as played by Dick Christie on The Bold and the Beautiful)

Useful information about Charlie Webber

* Is a security guard at Forrester Creations.
* Dates Pam Douglas.
* Enjoys Medieval Times.

Who's played Charlie Webber over the years?

Dick Christie (October 16, 2013 - present)

Past History

Charlie arrived on the scene when he was hired to guard the Hope Diamond at the Forrester Creations Boutique. Charlie spent time chatting with Wyatt, and told him all about the jewelry heists he had busted back in the day. He also began a flirtation with Pam, who brought him lemon bars and they bonded over their shared love of baking. When Wyatt set up a fake diamond heist for publicity, it was Charlie who later revealed the truth after perusing security tapes. Quinn intimidated Charlie into keeping quiet for a short time, but soon he showed the tapes to Liam. In the meantime, Charlie and Pam had become an item and he spent Thanksgiving helping her out in the kitchen at the Forrester mansion.

Charlie and Pam spend their time attending medieval-themed events, often with Ally and Oliver. Most recently, Charlie began investigating Quinn on a hunch. Through his contacts, Charlie discovered that Quinn had followed Liam and Ivy to Paris, where Liam had intended to meet Hope and marry her. Charlie got evidence that showed Quinn caused Liam to miss his meeting by pushing Ivy into the Seine. Charlie, along with Pam, took the proof to Liam and Ivy.

Flings and Relationships

Pamela Douglas (dating)






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