Brooke Logan Forrester Spencer (as played by Katherine Kelly Lang on The Bold and the Beautiful)

Useful information about Brooke Logan Forrester Spencer

* Lives at the Logan Mansion (200 N. Beston Place).
* Hid Ridge's love letter for Caroline on Caroline and Thorne's wedding day.
* Knew Taylor was alive and tried to get her back in Morocco but told no one.
* Fled to Barbados, kidnapping Rick and Bridget.
* Kept Thomas's true paternity from Ridge.
* Faked a pregnancy and miscarriage to keep Ridge.
* Bribed Amber out of Rick's life.
* Slept with Bridget's husband.
* Was a 51% share holder at Forrester Creations
* Saved FC when she created BeLieF fabric.
* Was raped because of Stephanie's schemes.
* Unknowingly donated her egg to Nick and Taylor who successfully conceived.
* Took over custody of Jack when Taylor felt unable to care for him.
* Tried to help Ridge take over Forrester Creations when Eric was in a coma.
* Seduced Hope's boyfriend thinking he was Ridge.
* Was kissed by her stepson, Thomas.
* Was stranded on an island with Thomas and hallucinated after eating berries.

Who's played Brooke Logan Forrester Spencer over the years?

Katherine Kelly Lang (March 1987 - present)
Sandra Ferguson (1997 - one episode)
Catherine Hickland (1987 - temporary during Katherine's maternity leave)

Past History

Brooke was raised by her mother in the San Fernando valley with her brother and two sisters. She went to college to study chemistry and worked in her mother's catering business. From afar, she became entranced by the Forrester men, thanks to a steady diet of tabloids. She met Caroline, Ridge's paramour, and soon ingratiated herself into the Forrester circle. She quickly betrayed her new friend and managed to manipulate her way into Ridge's bed. While Caroline tried to blackmail her, Brooke couldn't tear herself away and soon found herself pregnant. Sadly, she lost the baby and Ridge went back to Caroline. As a result, she went after Ridge's father, Eric, and was soon pregnant by him. After almost aborting the child when Eric was set to reconcile with Stephanie, he opted, finally, to commit to her and they married.

Things were complicated when Caroline died and Brooke's feelings for Ridge refused to go away. Stephanie began pushing them together in a bid to get Eric back, but Eric refused to divorce his new wife, even after she confessed to having an affair with his son. Eric held out until Ridge decided to move on with Taylor and then allowed the divorce. Things didn't break cleanly though. Soon Brooke and her former lovers found themselves deep in a legal quandary. When Forrester attempted to have Brooke sign away her rights to the BeLieF formula which she developed while Eric's wife, she threatened to sue them and was granted 51% of the company stock as a result.

Soon finding herself pregnant, she was left alone as Ridge married Taylor. A sad Brooke went to Big Bear and Ridge coincidentally arrived as she went into labor. He delivered Bridget there, with help over the phone from Taylor. While this new child strained Ridge's relationship with Taylor, it wasn't enough to break them up and Brooke settled on Dr. James Warwick. This turned out to be too much for Ridge who brashly put a halt to their wedding. Luckily for them, Taylor was presumed dead in a plane crash soon after and they could resume their love and married. Unluckily, it turned out that Taylor was alive and living as a Princess. Unable to resist Ridge's allure, she returned and had the marriage declared invalid. Overcoming this obstacle with a quick divorce, Ridge and Brooke were set to marry again when it came out that their daughter was actually the product of Brooke and Eric's union. The revelation pushed Brooke to breakdown with amnesia as she vanished to Barbados. Ridge tracked her down and brought her back, though not in time to stop Eric from seeking custody of the children. She kidnapped them and forced him to give her back custody.

Her adversarial relationship with Eric and Stephanie continued as Stephanie set her up, and convinced Ridge that she was having an affair. He left her and she moved on. She speedily wed Grant Chambers, only to find him shot soon after. Ridge was convicted for the shooting, though he was only covering for Rick. When he got out of prison, the three-way continued to escalate while Taylor and Brooke tried to pull Ridge into marriage via pregnancy. While Brooke won this round, it wasn't to last. Taylor soon revealed that Brooke's pregnancy was a fraud and Ridge had his marriage annulled. This chaos alienated Bridget and drove her to run away from her mother.

Moving on, she opened Brooke's Bedroom and tended to her son Rick. She also slowly developed a relationship with Thorne. When Stephanie learned of this, she had a stroke and the men of the family made it their duty to break them up, something they succeeded in doing. Thorne tried to move on with Macy, but couldn't stay away. He and Brooke got back together sending Macy into a frenzied car crash that killed her and injured Brooke. Grieving this loss together, and despite objections form their families and friends, they made their way to the altar. This would be short lived.

While Brooke spent much of her time meddling in her children's love lives, she managed to push Thorne away. Their marriage was annulled when it was revealed that Macy was still alive. Brooke immediately went back after Ridge, but was sidelined when Massimo Marone forced her to come to Paris and care for him through his fake disease. She returned, after almost dying of a fall from the Eiffel Tower and continued to meddle in her daughter's life, falling into an affair with her son-in-law, Deacon, in the process. This, needless to say, damaged the family ties and things were exacerbated by a new pregnancy. Although she tried to cancel the pregnancy, Stephanie exposed her during a press conference when Brooke was drawn out, thanks to Ridge's attempt to steal the company. Whipple Jones, a virtual stranger, claimed paternity and blackmailed her into a relationship. Brooke moved to Paris with him and tried to use him to stay away from her step-son Deacon. She married Whip when he promised her that he was the only way out of the neverending circle of men she'd been trapped into. Her continued affair with Deacon soon leaked out though and, thanks to a well placed baby monitor, Bridget realized the horrible truth and went into labor. Deacon left town so the women would have a chance at reconciliation and Whip soon filed for an annulment seeing that the situation was impossible.

Things shifted dramatically when Sheila Carter reappeared, taking Eric and Taylor hostage. When Brooke discovered them and tried to help, she and Taylor were shot as Eric wrestled Sheila's gun away. Taylor died and Brooke decided it was time to be friends with Ridge. Of course, friendship wasn't enough and they got married again, this time in the jungle, just in time for Sheila to hunt them down and take Ridge captive. Presuming him dead, Brooke slept with his brother Nick only to have Ridge reemerge alive. A paternity test confirmed that Nick was the father of her new child and Brooke annulled her marriage to become engaged to Nick.

She and Ridge were unable to fight their feelings though and he stopped the wedding after which, Nick discovered that the paternity test was erroneous and Ridge was, in fact, the father of newborn baby RJ. Marrying again, they faced annulment when Taylor returned from the grave and Ridge opted for her over Brooke and the baby. She realized that things were done with Ridge and that she really loved Nick, who was now married to her daughter. Showing some wisdom, she decided not to repeat the mistake she'd made years before and swore off of her daughter's husband.

However, Bridget lost the baby she was carrying and let Nick go so he could be with Brooke. Brooke and Nick married, but Ridge’s constant presence caused tension, which led Nick to have a one-night stand with Bridget. She became pregnant again, leading Nick to think it was his baby, but it turned out to be Dante’s instead. Regardless, Brooke left Nick and went back to Ridge, but their reunion ended when Ridge got physical with Rick during an argument. Brooke tried to get Nick back, but he had moved on to her long time rival Taylor.

While separated from Ridge, Brooke was set up by Stephanie to make it look like she was an unfit mother, so that Ridge would gain sole custody of Hope and R.J. Stephanie’s plan was working, but things got ugly when she convinced a man named Andy Johnson to pursue Brooke. Brooke rebuffed his advances, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer and raped Brooke. Brooke told Ridge what happened and he went out for revenge. He tracked Andy down on the roof of a restaurant and during their confrontation, Andy fell into an electrical transformer and died. The death was ruled accidental and Brooke and Ridge reunited. Brooke learned Stephanie had a hand in Andy pursuing her and told Stephanie what he did. Stephanie was horrified and tried to make amends, but Brooke didn’t forgive her for setting the events into motion.

Through a series of mishaps, Brooke’s egg ended up being the one used for Taylor’s in vitro procedure with Nick. When it was revealed their son, Jack, was actually Brooke’s biological child, Brooke signed away her rights so Taylor could raise him as her own. Taylor and Nick later broke up and Taylor began a relationship with Brooke’s son, Rick, which only fueled their heated rivalry. Over time, Taylor realized she would never get over the fact that Brooke was Jack’s biological mother, which caused her to not be able to bond with him. After much agonizing, Taylor decided Brooke should raise Jack and she allowed Brooke to legally become his mother.

Bringing Jack into her life fulltime caused some problems with Ridge, who Brooke was engaged to by now. Even though he had problems with Nick being the boy’s father, Ridge stepped up to the plate and decided he would be a good step-dad to the boy.

While that storm blew over, another one was brewing when Rick and Taylor’s relationship fell apart because Taylor was still in love with Ridge. Rick blamed Ridge for all his problems and confronted him on the roof at Forrester. While they argued, Rick jumped on Ridge’s back and tried to strangle his brother, but when Ridge broke free, Rick fell off the roof and became paralyzed. After Rick told Brooke that he felt she always put Ridge first and resented it, especially while growing up, Brooke felt guilty and asked Rick to move in with her so she could help him recuperate. Rick agreed, but only if Ridge moved out. After much discussion, Ridge agreed to leave, but only until Rick got better. Brooke and Ridge remained committed, but with Rick manipulating Brooke’s feelings and Taylor out to reclaim Ridge for herself, the relationship became a bit strained.

When Ridge couldn't take anymore, he broke up with Brooke and rekindled his romance with Taylor. They became engaged, but Brooke interrupted their nuptials when she rode in on a horse. Taylor and Ridge weren't married and Ridge eventually realized he still loved Brooke. They reconciled and married at the Justice of the Peace.

Bill Spencer came to town and succeed in his plan to take over Forrester Creations. This left Ridge devastated and Brooke stood by his side even though her sister was married to Bill and was named CEO.

After Steffy got Forrester back from Bill, she decided she wanted to force Brooke and Hope out of the company. During the ensuing power struggle, Hope had a graduation party. At the party, Brooke inadvertently seduced Hope's boyfriend, Oliver, thinking he was Ridge behind a mask. Brooke became estranged from her daughter when she found out, but Ridge stood by her. Brooke took a leave of absence from Forrester because of the negative press.

Stephanie and Brooke bonded after Brooke found out about Stephanie being diagnosed with stage four lung cancer and supported her through her treatments.

Brooke began working on a new men's line with stepson, Thomas. When he kissed her on the runway, the line became known as Taboo. Thomas kissed Brooke again when she was asleep on a plane ride home from Paris. She kept it a secret at first which ignited controversy and upset Stephanie. Thomas and Brooke were recently involved in a plane crash and wound up on an island. They ate berries to survive, but they caused hallucinations. Brooke and Thomas were rescued, but aren't sure what transpired between them when they were high.

After their rescue Thomas admitted they did have sex, and a distraught Brooke gave Ridge a divorce so he could be with Taylor. On the day Taylor and Ridge were to marry it came out that Stephanie got Thomas to lie about the sex in exchange for her 25 percent of Forrester. Ridge and Brooke got back together.

Brooke soon recruited Caroline Spencer to replace Amber at Forrester, who was designing with Rick, in the hopes of making a love match. Taylor thought Caroline and Thomas were better suited. Meanwhile, Brooke pushed Hope to get intimate with Liam and encouraged her to go to therapy to get over her sexual issues. Brooke planned a wedding in Italy for Hope and Liam, and while there, Ridge proposed.

After the wedding in Italy, Brooke was upset to hear that Deacon had visited Hope. She and Ridge were married again at the Forrester mansion, but when Brooke returned from their honeymoon all alone, it was explained that Ridge caught her lying about a text to Deacon. The marriage was considered invalid as they never filed their license.

Stephanie revealed to Brooke that she had terminal cancer. The pair grew close as Stephanie told Brooke she would have to be the new head of the family. Meanwhile, Brooke’s sister Katie nearly died giving birth to her son when she learned about Bill’s hand in sabotaging Hope and Liam’s relationship. While furious with Bill, Brooke supported him as Katie sunk into a deep depression.

Katie fled and Brooke and Bill found her wedding ring and divorce request while searching for her in Aspen. Katie tried to get Brooke and Bill close to each other and arranged for them to go on a hot-air balloon ride. In that moment the two began to think of each other with affection.

At Stephanie’s celebration of life party, Brooke hoped to see Ridge, but he was a no-show. Stephanie and Eric went to Big Bear to live out the rest of Stephanie’s days without telling anyone where they were going. Eric was called to an emergency meeting at Forrester, and Brooke stayed with Stephanie, who admitted she asked Ridge to stay away so he wouldn’t see her like this. Stephanie asked Brooke to forgive her for all the pain she had caused her over the years, and Brooke did the same. Stephanie died outside in Brooke’s arms.

Brooke and Bill kissed in the emotional aftermath, but when they returned to LA Katie was back and ready to give her marriage another go. Brooke and Bill decided to end what they started and never tell a soul. Taylor overheard their conversation and told Katie what she heard. Brooke admitted to the kiss when confronted, and Katie forgave her. Katie soon became concerned about Bill’s drinking while Brooke fought her feelings for her sister’s husband.

Eric began to date Taylor, which infuriated Brooke, but she was busy planning another wedding for Hope and Liam. The two never exchanged vows because Steffy arrived just before to tell Liam she was pregnant with his child.

At Forrester, Brooke planned a relaunch of the Brooke’s Bedroom lingerie line to boost flagging sales. With Bill’s encouragement, Brooke even had the confidence to remain the body of the line. Together, Bill and Brooke interrupted a presentation Thomas was giving with an impromptu show featuring Brooke and other models in the lingerie. Taylor told Katie that Bill and Brooke were flirting after the event and Katie got mad. Bill got Brooke to agree to come over to set things straight with Katie, but Bill hit Brooke’s car on the road after some drinks. In order to hide Bill’s drinking from Katie, Brooke hid his car in her garage and Bill in her bed.

Katie didn’t believe the two did not have sex and demanded a divorce, throwing her ring at Bill. Within minutes of Katie leaving Bill and Brooke had sex for the first time. While they were in bed, Katie had a heart attack and was admitted to the hospital. When Katie woke up from her coma she wanted her wedding ring back and a fresh start with Bill, and Brooke and Bill decided to stay apart. But when Taylor overheard the police questioning Brooke about the accident she figured Bill and Brooke must have slept together.

Soon Brooke went to the doctor after experiencing what she thought was menopause and was shocked to learn she was actually pregnant. She confessed to Donna about her condition, and later, she told Eric. She proposed that Eric pose as the baby’s father, but while he admitted to having feelings for Brooke, he could not go along with her plan. Brooke prepared to tell Bill and Katie the truth, but she miscarried before she had the chance.

Taylor read Brooke’s medical files and told everyone the truth about the pregnancy at a birthday party Katie threw for Brooke. Brooke didn’t deny it and Katie threw both Brooke and Bill out. Katie began divorce proceedings and took over Spencer Publications. Brooke defended Bill in the battle, which distanced her even more from Katie.

Brooke and Bill were surprised when Katie began to ask them to spend more time with Will, unaware she was spying on them with cameras set up all over the house in order to see if she could trust them again. Seeing that she had nothing to worry about, Katie was ready to take Bill back. But while Brooke was on her way to Monte Carlo for Brooke’s Bedroom, Bill found the cameras and confronted Katie. It was over between them. Bill followed Brooke to Monte Carlo where he declared his love for her. They kissed, but Brooke wanted Bill to give Katie another chance before they went any further.

Back in LA, the confrontation with Katie didn’t go well and when Brooke returned home, Bill was waiting for her in only a towel. They made love and Bill moved in, much to Hope’s dismay. She did not approve of her mother being with a man who had been so set on ruining her life.

After Hope discovered Bill had another son, Wyatt Fuller, Brooke was able to help the pair mend fences after a rough beginning. When Katie found out Bill and Brooke were living together she demanded Brooke chose between her or Bill, but Brooke couldn’t. She later accepted Bill’s proposal of marriage and they agreed to keep it a secret until Katie and Bill’s marriage was legally over.

While helping Hope and Liam prepare for another wedding, Brooke became concerned when a tribute video that Liam made for Steffy ended up in Hope’s possession. She began to change her feelings about pushing Liam and Hope together and instead encouraged her daughter to think about being with a man who loved her and only her. Someone like Wyatt.

Flings and Relationships

Ridge Forrester (married, 1988-1989, 1991-1992, 2003, 2018)
Bill Spencer, Jr. (annulled marriage)
Deacon Sharpe (adulterous affair from 2001 to 2002)
Dominick Marone(dated in 2003 & 2006 - also lovers)
Thorne Forrester (lovers from 1999 to 2000 - engaged in 1999)
Victor Newman (fling in 1998)
Pierce Peterson (fling in 1998)
James Warwick (engaged in 1994)
Connor Davis (1993)
Dave Reed (engaged in 1987)


Stephen Logan Sr.(father)
Beth Logan (mother)
Storm Logan Jr. (brother)
Donna Logan (sister)
Katie Logan (sister)
Helen Logan (grandmother)


Unnamed Child (1989 - miscarriage with Ridge Forrester)
Rick Forrester (with Eric Forrester 1990)
Bridget Forrester (with Eric Forrester 1992)
Hope Logan (with Deacon Sharpe, 2002 - adopted by Dominick Marone)
R.J. Forrester (with Ridge Forrester - 2004)
Jack Hamilton Marone (through egg donation with Dr. Taylor Forrester Marone as birth mother and Dominick Marone as biological father - 2008)
Eric Forrester III (grandson - deceased)
Nicole Marone (granddaughter - deceased)


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