Bridget Forrester (as played by Ashley Jones on The Bold and the Beautiful)

Useful information about Bridget Forrester

* Born on-air at the Big Bear cabin on December 31, 1992.
* Age revised when she was made 13 in 1998 and revised again to 18 in 2001.
* Her mother has children with two of Bridget's ex-husbands.
* Once flirted with the idea of becoming involved with Ridge, whom she learned was not her biological brother.
* She was the resident doctor who seems to heal everyone in her family.
* Fashion designer at Jackie M for a time.

Who's played Bridget Forrester over the years?

Ashley Jones (December 2004 - present)
Emily Harrison (January 2004 - July 2004)
Jennifer Finnigan (July 2000 - January 2004)
Agnes Bruckner (December 1997 - January 1999)
Landry Albright (late 1995 - December 1997)
Caitlin Wachs (early 1995 - late 1995)
Britany and Morgan Turner (early 1994 - early 1995)
Abigail and Danielle Burr (early 1993 - early 1994)
Juliet and Trevor Johnson (December 1992 - early 1993)

Past History

Bridget was born under a cloud of doubt concerning her true paternity. Her mother, Brooke, had been sleeping with both Eric and Ridge Forrester at the time of her conception. Since Brooke loved Ridge, she convinced everyone that he was the father and named her by combining their names.

Unfortunately, the young Bridget's affluent background couldn't shield her from the world and she was injured in a drive-by shooting. Soon after, her world was thrown into upheaval when it came out that Eric was, in fact, her father. These traumas made her highly dependent on others, yet she managed to retain her innocence - a virtue which made her easy to manipulate. As a result, she married young, to Deacon Sharpe, soon discovering that he was only using her as part of a ploy to get Amber. Once she confronted him with this truth, she threw him out and he fought to get her back. Trying to escape him one night in her car, she ended up in an accident and he had to take her to the hospital. While she lay in the hospital in critical condition, he began to realize that he had developed feelings for her. As she recovered, they tried to make the marriage work. Unfortunately, Bridget's mother was still unconvinced that her daughter hadn't made the right choice. As she got involved in the marriage, Brooke began an affair with her son-in-law and wound up pregnant. This fact was shielded from Bridget, with the child passed off as another man's, while she pursued a modeling career. During the baby shower however, Bridget accidentally discovered the truth and split angrily with her mother, throwing Deacon out for good this time.

Trying to move on with her life, she got a job from her old friend CJ Garrison at Insomnia. She also moved in next to him and they developed a casual relationship. He encouraged her to fulfill her ambitions of entering med school. It was there that she met Mark MacLaine. He started out as her mentor, but they soon became far more. It also turned out that he was CJ's brother, but that didn't stop her from continuing to see both men. Around this time, she also became involved with Ridge, now that she knew he was not her biological brother. None of these relationship were leading where she wanted them to go and she broke away from them.

She quickly became involved with another man, Oscar Marone, a gunshot victim she met at the hospital. Their relationship escalated fast into an engagement and she left with him for the Netherlands only to return several months later. She confessed that things hadn't worked out between them thanks to her ongoing infatuation with Ridge.

Her prime confidante on return became Nick and, as he helped her sort out her feelings, they slowly developed feelings for each other. They became engaged and pregnant, though she soon became insecure when her mother, and Nick's former love, Brooke, became single again. To test his loyalty, she convinced Nick that she'd had her baby aborted. He fled to Brooke's arms, but managed to keep it from Bridget and they married anyway. Things were complicated further by the return of her half-sister, Felicia, who was dying of cancer. She brought along her baby and Bridget promised to raise him after her passing. Soon after, she went into labor and delivered a stillborn child of her own, Nichole. Her marriage to Nick collapsed and she began raising Felicia's son with her former lover, Dante.

Surprisingly, Felicia survived her bout with cancer. The sisters competed for the love of Dante, but Bridget eventually stepped aside, realizing what was best for everyone.

She then became a doctor and soon discovered that she was pregnant. At first, she believed that this was the result of a one-night stand with Nick, but soon realized that it was Dante's. When she told him this, he promised to be involved in the child's life, but he would not leave Felicia for her. Unfortunately, she miscarried the child but was helped through her grief by Dante and her sister.

Bridget later helped Taylor and Nick (who had gotten married) get pregnant by implanting Taylor with their embryos. Unfortunately there was a mix up in the lab and Taylor and Brooke’s eggs had been switched. Taylor and Nick’s son Jack was revealed to be Brooke’s and a bitter custody battle ensued, but Brooke never received rights to the child.

Nick and Taylor later broke up and Bridget’s aunt Katie came to town. Katie became deathly ill with heart issues and moved into Nick’s house where Bridget took care of her. Bridget found a cure to help Katie, but not before Katie played matchmaker and brought Bridget and Nick back together. Katie and Nick developed feelings for each other, but never acted on their feelings out of gratitude and love for Bridget. Bridget and Nick married for a second time with Katie officiating the ceremony.

Shortly after the ceremony, Nick confessed that he had slept with Katie when they thought she was going to die and she became pregnant. Bridget left Nick and lashed out at Katie who she believed had betrayed her after all she had done to save her life.

Bridget’s mind was taken off her problems when her father had a heart attack and fell into a coma. Eric pulled through and Bridget and Nick divorced.

Bridget discovered her passion for designing and sent her sketches to Jackie M under the name Madame X. Jackie was impressed and wanted to meet her. Bridget donned a disguise and was hired on to work at Jackie M under her pseudonym. Nick wasn't fooled though and realized Madame X was really his ex-wife.

After her true identity was discovered, Bridget embraced her new career and struck up a flirtation with Owen, but it didn't go anywhere, as she was still in love with Nick and he was in love with Jackie. Bridget and Nick reconciled after Katie lost her baby and broke up with Nick.

Bridget and Nick remarried and hired Sandy Sommers to be their surrogate. Nick learned Sandy had been raped in the past and that her real name was Agnes Jones, but they kept the secret from Bridget. When Bridget found out she was furious, but forgave Nick.

Bridget learned she was pregnant and she and Nick were ecstatic, except that Bridget learned the father is Owen. Owen, Jackie, and Bridget kept this a secret from Nick. The secret was exposed by Aggie, who overheard Owen and Bridget talking at a party. She told Nick, who split up with Bridget, saying he could never raise another man's child. Bridget moved in with Jackie and Owen who are supporting her through her pregnancy. She learned that Nick and Aggie slept together. Bridget gave birth to a son she named Logan. Owen has been involved with the child since his birth, and he and Bridget were shocked when Jackie sent the three of them to Hawaii. When they returned, Jackie told Owen she wanted him to be a proper family with Bridget and Logan. Bridget accepted Owen into her life and continued to work as a doctor. They tried to make it work as a family, but Owen ended up reuniting with Jackie. Before leaving town, Bridget was the one who called Stephanie upon seeing Forrester designs on the Jackie M runway.

Bridget and her son, Logan, currently live out of town.

Flings and Relationships

Owen Knight (father of her child)
Clarke Garrison (dated)
Dr. Mark MacClaine (dated)
Ridge Forrester (flirted)
Oscar Marone (engaged)
Dr. Johnny Berlanti (blind date)


Eric Forrester (father)
Brooke Logan Forrester Marone(mother)
Rick Forrester (brother)
Thorne Forrester(half-brother)
Kristen Forrester Dominguez (half-sister)
Angela Forrester (half-sister - deceased)
Felicia Forrester (half-sister)
Hope Logan(half-sister)
R.J. Forrester. (half-brother)
Jack Hamilton Marone (half-brother)
Stephen Logan Sr. (grandfather)
Beth Logan (grandmother)
Helen Logan (great-grandmother)
John Forrester (uncle - deceased)
Jessica Forrester (cousin)
Storm Logan Jr. (uncle)
Donna Logan (aunt)
Katie Logan (aunt)
Eric Forrester III (nephew - deceased)
Alexandria Forrester (half-niece)
Zende Forrester Dominguez (half-nephew - adopted)
Dominick Damiano Marone Jr. (half-nephew)


Logan Knight - (with Owen Knight)
Nicole Marone (with Nick - stillborn)
Unnamed Child (with Dante - miscarried)


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