Ashley Abbott (as played by Eileen Davidson on The Bold and the Beautiful)

Useful information about Ashley Abbott

* Used to reside at the Abbott Mansion on 603 Glenwood Drive.
* Divorced
* Abandoned by her mother as a child.
* Kept the secret from John Abbott that he was not her real father.
* Had a nervous breakdown after aborting her and Victor's child.* Was fooled into thinking her husband Blade's twin brother was him!
* Married her sister's ex-husband Brad.
* Stole Victor Newman's sperm and was artificially inseminated.

* Played off her daughter Abby as Cristian's (An acquaintance of Ashley's in Paris) when she was really Victor's!
* Breast cancer surviver.
* Planted drugs in Tom Fisher's motorcycle in order to help Michael Baldwin frame him.
* Tried running Gloria out of her father's life before and after his death.

Who's played Ashley Abbott over the years?

(Since this is a cross over storyline and character, these characters below don't apply to B&B. They were on Y&R only, with the exception of Eileen.
Eileen Davidson (1982 - 1989; 1999 - Jan. 2007 on Y&R ; March 9, 2007 - August 15, 2008 on B&B)
Shari Shattuck (1996 - 1999)
Brenda Epperson Doumani (1988 - 1995)

Past History

Fresh out of college, Ashley Abbott returned to Genoa City in 1982. One of three Abbott children abandoned by their mother, the 'beauty' of the family, Ashley was the apple of her father's eye. Taking her spot in the family business, Ashley became a chemist at Jabot under the name Susan Ashley as a way to distract from the fact that she was an Abbott. After she earned the respect within the company, Ashley went on to use her real name and was appointed president of Jabot.

Ashley got the shock of her life when Brent Davis revealed on his death bed that he was her biological father. Devastated by the news, Ashley had an emotional breakdown, but was rescued and taken in by Victor and Nikki Newman. Although only a handful of people, her mother Dina, Jack, Jill, Katherine, and Victor, knew the truth, Ashley vowed to keep her paternity a secret for fear of breaking John's heart.

Her time with Victor would be the beginning of their love story and of Ashley's feud with Nikki. For years the three would find themselves in love, out of love, threatened by the other, and so on and so forth! After her stay at the ranch, and Nikki and Victor's divorced over her affair with Jack, Ashley and Victor fell in love. However, shortly after Ashley became pregnant, Victor and Nikki reconciled, leading Ashley to have an abortion. Not mentally stable, Ashley ended up in a mental institution and later returned to GC with her father.

The good thing to come from her time in the hospital was meeting her future husband Stephan. However, their marriage would end soon after Stephan was stalked and murdered by a past mental patient. Her next tangle with love was with her sister's ex-husband Brad Carlton. Not wanting to hurt her sister, Ashley escaped to her cottage in the woods. Dealing with the pain of Nikki's marriage to Jack, Victor came to Ashley and the two married! However, as always, Victor's tie with Nikki was too strong and he and Ashley soon divorced. Ashley would then go on to have two more unsuccessful marriages: with Jabot's photographer Blade and novelist Cole Howard.

Fed up with love, Ashley took off for Paris, then returned to GC pregnant! Determined to keep the baby's father a secret, Ashley accepted Brad's marriage proposal and his undying love for her and her unborn child. Ironically, and to Brad's dismay, Ashley revealed during her fight with breast cancer that Victor Newman was the father of little Abby! Not only was Brad shocked, so was Victor after finding out that Ashley stole his sperm and was artificially inseminated! Although Brad and Ashley tried to salvage their marriage by having a child of their own, Ashley miscarried due to a car accident and the two divorced shortly after.

Her next battle would come when her father met and fell in love with Gloria Fisher. With Jabot on the edge of bankruptcy, her personal life a mess, Ashley started dating Paul Williams and soon found herself being charmed by Tom Callahan. Little did Ashley know, Tom was the same Tom who had been married to Gloria and abused her and her two sons! After a series of blackmail attempts, lies were exposed and it was revealed that Tom Callahan (Fisher) was Gloria's husband! Fearing for his family's life, John Abbott shot and killed Tom, and Ashley took the blame for the crime! It wasn't long before John would recover from the shock and admit to the crime and was in turn sentenced to seven years in prison.

While dealing with the anguish of her father in prison, Ashley was faced with controversy after Gloria contaminated her new line of beauty cream! Even though Gloria was never found out, the damage she did to Jabot was immense. With Katherine now the company's new owner, the company was able to survive.

Ashley's biggest devastation came with the death of her father shortly before he was to be pardoned and released from prison. Blaming Gloria as the reason for her father going to prison in the first place, Ashley and Jack tried to strip her of the Abbott name after finding out that she and their father were never legally married. In the end, although Gloria had been shut out of John's will, due to Jack's manipulation, a judge allowed her to keep the Abbott name.

Although Jack secretly regained control of Jabot through his other company the House of Kim, Ashley is finding herself torn from her brother and from the family business that she onced loved. She left Genoa City to put some distance between her and her brother's shady business practices.

Ashley took a job at the House of Kim and along with Abby, moved to Hong Kong. They later moved to France where Ashley met Rick Forrester, whom she had a brief dalliance with.

Upon taking a job with Forrester Originals, Ashley moved to Los Angeles to design a fragrance to accompany their new boutiques. She and Rick decided to keep their affair a secret due to his relationship with Phoebe.

Ashley began dating Ridge, to whom she eventually became engaged. However, it ended when Ridge decided he was still in love with Brooke. Ashley later dated Storm, until Ridge filled her in on him shooing Stephanie. Storm began to act strangely, which scared Ashley. On a date she tried to end, Storm took out a gun and accidentally shot his sister Katie. Storm later killed himself so Katie could have his heart.

Ashley and Abby moved to London shortly afterwards.

Flings and Relationships

(From Y&R)
Brian (lab assistant)
Eric Garrison
Marc Mergeron
Matt Miller
Dr. Stephen Lassiter
Blade Bladeson
Rick Bladeson
Adam Hunter
Kurt Costner
Cole Howard
Tom Fisher (deceased)


Brent Davis (father)
John Abbott (always believed he was her father - deceased)
Dina Abbott Mergeron (mother)
Jack Abbott (half-brother)
Traci Abbott (half-sister)
Billy Abbott (half-brother)
Keemo Volien Abbott (half-nephew)
Kyle Jenkins (half-nephew)
Colleen Carlton (half-niece)


Abby Carlton (daughter with Victor Newman)
Robert Carlton (son with Brad Carlton - stillborn)
Aborted baby (with Victor Newman)


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