Amber Moore (as played by Adrienne Frantz on The Bold and the Beautiful)

Useful information about Amber Moore

* Was married to Rick Forrester
* Is a designer.
* Was involved with Deacon Sharpe.
* Acts as a mother to Deacon's son, Eric.
* Spent time in Genoa City married to both Cane Ashby and Daniel Romalotti.
* Had a baby with Marcus.

Who's played Amber Moore over the years?

Adrienne Frantz (1997 - present)

Past History

Having been married to the heir of Forrester Creations, Rick Forrester, Amber found herself dealing with affairs, the loss of her child, and ultimately divorce. However, at one time, she did find comfort and success working as a fashion designer at both Forrester Creations and Spectra Fashions. After she lost her job, Amber had set off to work toward a career in music.

Amber spent time in Genoa City and was married to both Cane Ashby and Daniel Romalotti. Before she married Daniel, her old flame from L.A., Deacon Sharpe, turned up and started making trouble for them. Daniel and Amber still got married, and Deacon went to jail, but when Deacon's son showed up looking for Amber, who he considers his mother, Amber decided to leave Genoa City, and divorce Daniel, in a bid to keep Eric safe.

Amber and Deacon decided to put Eric in a boarding school for safety reasons, and Amber started looking for a job in L.A. to help support him. Whip got in touch with her, and she was hired at Jackie M. After Amber stole designs from Forrester and tried to pass them off as her own, she was fired by Nick. Amber got the designs by seducing Oliver, and is now carrying his child which she is passing off as Liam's, who she followed home from a party one night, telling him they had sex while he was passed out with a concussion. Amber and Tawny bribed a lab guy named Carl to fudge the DNA results for paternity, and Amber was put up in a beach house by Liam's father, Dollar Bill Spencer. At the birth, it became evident that Amber was pulling a scam - the baby was black. Marcus, her occasional lover, was revealed as 'Rosie's' real father. Amber moved into an apartment with the child.

Amber backed off of trying to come between Marcus and Dayzee, and has set her sights on reconciling with Rick Forrester. She sketched some of his design ideas and he presented them as his own at Forrester. Amber is backing Rick's bid to become CEO.

Flings and Relationships

Liam Spencer
Marcus Forrester
Oliver Jones
Adrian Korbel
Billy Abbott
Raymond (drunken encounter)
C.J. Garrison (broken engagement)
Deacon Sharpe
Thomas Forrester
Garrett/"Plum" [last name unknown]


Tawny Moore (mother)
April Knight (twin sister)
Joe Moore (uncle)
Rebecca Moore (cousin - deceased)
Eric Moore (cousin)


Rosie Forrester (daughter with Marcus Forrester)
Eric Forrester III (1999 - stillborn son - with Rick Forrester)
Stillborn baby (daughter with Rick Forrester)


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