Agnes Jones (as played by Sarah Brown on The Bold and the Beautiful)

Useful information about Agnes Jones

* Lied on her surrogacy profile in order to attract a couple.
* Became Nick and Bridget's surrogate.
* Despite her claim to live a healthy lifestyle, eats junk food.

Who's played Agnes Jones over the years?

Sarah Brown (November 5, 2009 - present)

Past History

Sandy, whose real name is Agnes, lied on her profile to be a surrogate, which Bridget immediately identified with. Before meeting Bridget and Nick, she colored her dark hair to blond.

Upon meeting the couple, Sandy professed her dedication to a healthy lifestyle and desire to help a deserving couple. After getting hired, it became obvious Sandy wasn't so dedicated, as she snacked on chocolate, potato chips and hot dogs while promising Bridget she was eating healthy.

Sandy lost the pregnancy, and it was revealed that she is Agnes Jones - relative of Oliver and Whip. She fell for Nick, and let him know the truth when she found out Bridget was carrying Owen's child and not Nick's. Nick turned to Aggie and they became a couple. Aggie currently works at Jackie M with Nick.

Flings and Relationships

Nick Marone


Whipple Jones III
Oliver Jones


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