Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter Walton on The Bold and the Beautiful)

Current Character: Carter Walton

Birthday: 1982-06-14


Lawrence St. Victor joined the cast of the Guiding Light in February 2006, playing the role of Remy Boudreau. Shortly after landing the role, Lawrence graduated from S.U.N.Y Purchase with a B.F.A in acting. As a student, he starred in Six Degrees Of Separation, Night Of The Iguana, and William Shakespeare's Winters Tale. On television, he played a soldier in the History Channel's, Honor Deferred. St. Victor joined the cast of The Bold and the Beautiful in January of 2013 as Carter Walton. Lawrence dedicates much of his time to the Christian organization S.P.E.A.K (Students Praise Empowering and Advancing in the Kingdom), where he participates in bible study and organizes a variety of events. Lawrence also has a passion for athletics and plays a variety of sports including football and martial arts, and sticks to a disciplined exercise regime of weight lifting and swimming. During his free time he enjoys going to the movies and reading comic books. Lawrence grew up in Spring Valley, NY. His birthday is June 14.

Career Highlights

Soap Opera Weekly: Has anybody at GL taken you under his or her wing? Lawrence St. Victor: When I first started, everybody was a big help: Tom (Pelphrey, Jonathan), Stephanie (Gatschet, Tammy). I asked them a lot of questions. Weekly: So your co-stars told you about Remy's history? St. Victor: Yes, especially Yvonna (Wright, who plays Remy's sister, Mel). And I did a lot of research on my own, online. Weekly: Have you met with any police officers as part of your research? St. Victor: My best friend's father is a cop. Being in Manhattan, I also observe how police officers move, how they walk. Weekly: Tell us a little about your background and how you landed the part. St. Victor: I live in upstate New York. I went to SUNY-Purchase. Right out of school I got the gig. I actually did a reading for something [else]. They liked it, and a year later they gave me a call. It's been a blessing ever since. Weekly: What are your thoughts on the rapid aging of Remy's niece, Leah? St. Victor: It's funny. It works. There's so much [more] you can do with an adolescent. Remy's in the police academy and Tammy's in college, so Leah gives the young adolescent perspective. I hope the fans can understand the story and let go of the aging thing. Weekly: Do you have any hopes for the Bauers? St. Victor: They're going through some tough times right now, but I hope all will be well and, if not, that's more good story. They were a strong family at one point. I hope they can find the structure again. Weekly: Whose side does Remy take in the Rick/Mel rift? St. Victor: Remy likes Rick a lot, and knows Mel can be hard on [him]. They have such a good relationship. They've been through a lot, and Remy doesn't want to see them break up. Weekly: Have you experienced Michael O'Leary's (Rick) famous wit? St. Victor: Yes. He's brilliant. To play off that, it's just great. Weekly: What do you find special about GL? St. Victor: Oh, the people! The talent. I watch Kim Zimmer (Reva) and I'm in awe. Weekly: What was your first meeting with Kim like? St. Victor: Actually, it was in L.A., after she won the Emmy. We were sitting at the table and started talking. Weekly: In your spare time you're a comic book fan? St. Victor: I'm a comic fanatic! Superman every day. Sometimes I like Batman; I go back and forth. Once a month I buy everything I want to buy, and I don't care how much I spend. Weekly: What else do you do for fun? St. Victor: I love being with my family, my girlfriend. Any time I get to see them and my grandparents, that's fun for me. Weekly: When do you think Remy will get a love interest? St. Victor: I'm thinking soon. Remy's been in heavy pursuit of Tammy. He's trying to get some love! Weekly: What about fellow cop Marina? St. Victor: They're kind of best friends now. A romantic interest? Remy's a free dude...anything goes!


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