Courtney Hope (Sally Spectra on The Bold and the Beautiful)

Current Character: Sally Spectra

Birthday: 1989-08-15

Birthplace: Born in Dallas, Texas

Height: 5'7"

Marital Status: Single


Courtney Hope was raised in Plano, Texas, where she competed in dance, gymnastics and was involved in acting and modeling from a young age. She left public school for an arts school at 13, graduated at 15, and headed to Los Angeles where she started college at 16 and had earned an Associate's Degree by the age of 18 with a major in psychology.

Hope's acting career began with commercials and television roles on series such as "Joan of Arcadia," "CSI: Miami," and "Grey's Anatomy." More recently, she appeared as Beth Wilder on "Quantum Break," both the TV series and the video game, in the movie, "Allegiant," and landed the role of Sally Spectra on "The Bold and the Beautiful" in January 2017.

Courtney Hope is a fitness instructor, also a kick-boxing and yoga enthusiast, and she continues to dance regularly.

Career Highlights

The Bold and the Beautiful - Sally Spectra (January 31 2017 - present)
Allegiant - Trial Factionless Dissenter (2016)
Transparent - Una (2016)
Quantum Break - Beth Wilder (2016)
Motivate Me - Clara (2012)
CSI: Miami - Kathy Meyers (2008)
Grey's Anatomy - Ariana (2007)


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