Brandon Beemer (Owen Knight on The Bold and the Beautiful)

Current Character: Owen Knight

Birthday: 1980-02-27

Birthplace: Born in Eugene, Oregon USA

Marital Status: Single


After graduating in 1998 from Willamette High School in Eugene, Oregon, Brandon worked as a driver at the local Coca-Cola bottling plant!

After this stint, Brandon decided to give modeling a chance, moving to Los Angeles in 2000, where he took acting classes. These classes brought him roles on television series such as 'CSI', and 'Undressed', as well as movie roles such as his recent role as 'Mic Rionn' in 'Material Girls'.

Beemer played a small part on Days of Our Lives as assistant DA Brett Weitz in February of 2006, before he came on to take over the role of Shawn Douglas Brady until 2008. Beemer first aired on The Bold and the Beautiful, as Owen Knight on July 2nd, 2008.

Career Highlights

The Bold and the Beautiful - Owen Knight (July 2, 2008 – present)
Days of Our Lives - Shawn Douglas Brady #3 (September 28 2006 - February 2008)
Material Girls - Mic Rionn (2006)
General Hospital - Seth (2005 - 2006)
Suits on the Loose - Justin (2005)
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Jackpot - Ross Jenson (2003)
Undressed - Lucas - Season 4 (2001)


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