Four photo collage of 9-1-1's Athena, Hen, Buck, and Eddie
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On a call at a Quinceañera party, where a man is found stuck in a roof, Hen expresses disdain for the paramedic filling in for Chimney. She refers to him as Monday, because, “There’s a new one of you every shift.”

After working out and getting Christopher off to school, Eddie breezily steps off the 9-1-1 call center elevator with a mug of coffee, dressed in official L.A.F.D. clothing. He gets his word of the day from May and discusses recipes with Linda. An emergency comes in and Eddie heads to his computer to post on the official social media feed. He also makes copies of a press release and gives an update on the phone about a fire. His cheery disposition grows heavier as his days repeat exactly the same, working as a public service officer at Metro Dispatch.

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At night, Buck and Taylor eat dinner at Eddie’s place. Buck is surprised by how good it is. Eddie explains he’s had more time to practice now that he’s on a regular schedule. Buck follows him into the kitchen to make sure he’s okay. He encourages him to open up about missing the job. Eddie tells his friend to move on because he has.

The next day, Hen is dismayed to see that Monday has returned. He quips that he’s more of a Tuesday. She heads to talk to Bobby about him, as Buck rushes in, worried about Eddie.

An intense looking Eddie, wears a microphone attached to an earpiece at the 9-1-1 call center.

That night, a couple and their kids drive in an SUV. They get a call from a distorted voice that says a device is attached to their car. If their speed drops below 55 miles per hour, their car will explode. After calling 9-1-1, the 118 and another crew are dispatched. Fire trucks surround the SVU. As Buck tries to figure out how to jump over to it, a firefighter from the other crew, Lucy, readily leaps. Buck joins her and they get the mom and kids out of the truck.

Listening to the call at dispatch, Eddie jumps in and orders the driver not to be moved. He talks to the man who spots a pressure switch under the gas pedal. As they start to run out of road, Lucy replaces the dad’s foot on the gas pedal with a metal bar and gets him to safety. With everyone on a rig, the SVU crashes into construction cones and explodes.

Later, on a disturbance call to the family’s neighborhood, Athena discovers their hoarder neighbor planted the bomb.

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In her car, Athena speaks into her police radio on 9-1-1

As Eddie wraps up for the day, Josh comes to his office. He says it was a good catch on the secondary trigger, but he can’t just jump on calls like that. He’s a liaison, not a dispatcher. “You’re a guest in this house,” he says. “Act like it.” Eddie assures him it won’t happen again.

At a bar, Lucy joins Bobby, Hen, and Buck for celebratory drinks. Eddie enters and watches them having fun from afar. When a waitress asks if he’s with the firefighters, he says no and leaves, unnoticed.

Before Bobby heads out himself, Hen tries to talk to him about Monday. Bobby tells her to give him a chance and departs. Monday walks over and admits to Hen that he’s nervous working with her and the 118. She assures him he’s a good paramedic, but she wants to be out there with her best friend. He can’t replace that. Monday says he would never try. He just wants a chance to earn her respect.

Meanwhile, Buck and Lucy play pool and drink margaritas. She suggests they share a ride home later. He gets flustered and says they probably shouldn’t. She leans in and tells him to relax. She just likes watching him squirm. They kiss. They pull away and then kiss more passionately. In an Uber home, a drunk Buck confides in Hen about kissing Lucy. She urges him to be honest with Taylor.

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Lucy smiles in uniform at the 118 firehouse on 9-1-1

In the middle of a sleepless night, Christopher assures his dissatisfied dad he’s fine with him going back to firefighting. Eddie shows up at Bobby’s house the next day. He wants a transfer back to the 118. Bobby notes he left because he was struggling, and it doesn’t seem like he’s better. Eddie assures him he’ll be fine once he’s back. Bobby wants him to talk to someone and work things out first. Eddie lashes out and storms out.

At his place, an anxious Buck approaches Taylor, who’s working at the kitchen table. He says he loves her and would never intentionally hurt her. She nervously asks him to spit it out. He hesitates and then asks her to move in with him.

At the firehouse, Hen can’t believe Buck not only didn’t tell Taylor about Lucy, but asked her to move in with him. Buck thinks it will be fine, especially since he’ll never see Lucy again. Bobby gathers everyone for announcements. He introduces Jonah, a.k.a. Monday, as the new paramedic. Hen says, “Damn it,” under her breath. Next, he announces Lucy as their new firefighter. Buck’s face falls. “Oh, no.”

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Hen and Buck look dubious at the 118 firestation on 9-1-1

Will Lucy prove too much temptation for Buck? What’s next for Eddie? Give us your thoughts on what you think will happen in the comments, and then look through our photo gallery of the best romantic advice given by soap stars. Buck could probably use it!