Jacklyn Zeman (Bobbie, GH)

Soaps.com is curious about how the soap stars will be spending their Independence Day this 4th of July. We spoke with several soap stars, who graciously shared their plans for the 4th! We invite you, the readers to share your plans for the 4th, and hope that whatever you’re doing today that you have a good one!

Amy Mistretta (Editor, Y&R, OLTL) spoke with Adrienne Frantz (Amber Moore, Y&R) recently about her 4th of July plans. Adrienne was kind enough to share.

“I will be going to my cabin and hanging out. I’m going to swim with my dogs in the lake and go out on my ski boat.” When asked if she’d done anything special in the past for July 4th, Adrienne told Amy, “I usually just like to get together with a bunch of family and friends and watch fireworks. We have a little 4th of July party.” She let Amy know that the Y&R gives their cast and crew the day off in order to celebrate! We hope this 4th is a relaxing day for Adrienne!

Melissa Gallo (Adriana Cramer, OLTL) shares her plans for the 4th of July.

“We will be at David’s house in Naples gettin’ sun, swimming, grilling, and drinking beer. My family will be there as well,.. so it will be a whole Fumero/Gallo clan BBQ!!

(She reminisces) The town I grew up in used to put on some pretty bad-ass fireworks on the 4th.

Amy asked, “Does the show throw a July 4th party?” Melissa says, “Not exactly… they give us the whole long weekend off, so in sense they do!” We know that plenty of fans will be green with envy when they find out how Melissa will be spending her holiday… knowing that she’ll be spending her time with sexy fiancée, David Fumero (Christian Vega, OLTL)

Amy Mistretta (Editor, Y&R, OLTL) shared her plans for the 4th with us. “Since daytime doesn’t stop for holidays, I plan to bring all the Y&R and OLTL fans a great recap! After that, I’ll head out to the deck to join in on the family’s July 4th BBQ!” Amy tells us, “We normally go camping the weekend after the fourth, which is always fun!”

Julie Clark Robinson (Editor B&B and GH) tells us that on the 4th of July, she’ll be… “Writing B&B and GH updates, of course! I always love to watch the soaps on holidays, in fact, before I was an Editor for Soaps.com, I used to resent when family stuff got in the way of my soaps. Now, it’s my job so I have every excuse to watch soaps on holidays.” Julie in turn asked four GH’ers about their plans for the 4th of July.

Julie asked Annie Wersching, (GH’s Amelia Joffe) how she planned on spending the 4th of July, if she has a favorite 4th of July memory she cared to share, and if GH does anything special to celebrate Independence Day. Annie said this, “My plans for the 4th of July are actually to spend a week in Disneyworld!!!! I know… crazy! It’s going to be so crowded and hot! But yet… it is the happiest place on earth 🙂 It’s a family vacation/40 year wedding anniversary! (Yay!)” She tells Julie and goes on to say, “My favorite 4th of July is just growing up in St. Louis and going to what was then called the ‘ V.P. Fair’… the big celebration down under the arch… I have great memories of being there with my mom and dad and grandma and grandpa…and there are no fireworks more amazing than the ones over the Mississippi River reflecting off the arch while you lay beneath!”