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Reminiscing about what happened the week of April 30 – May 4 2007 in our soaps!

We love our soaps but we often commiserate over some of the more stagnant storylines. Fans are often quoted as saying ‘nothing ever changes over the years’ and ‘you can take a year off soaps and when you return, there’s a good chance you won’t miss a thing’. Sometimes we see parallels from what happened last year or a few years ago with what’s going on now. We dug up some archived recaps to learn just how close to the truth the fans are. Take a look at what we discovered.

All My Children April 30-May 4 2007
Pine Valley residents were pointing the finger at each other for the murder of Alexander Cambias, Annie and Ryan were engaged and Annie’s bridal shower was getting underway with Greenlee making her big entrance, and Adam had a heart attack.

As The World Turns April 30-May 4 2007
Cleo was running around Oakdale fooling everyone in her Gwen disguise, but finally revealed herself, Emily almost caught Alison snorting Meth, Casey was taken off to prison, Paul revealed his plan to Meg to implicate Craig in Roseanna’s death.

Bold and The Beautiful April 30-May 4 2007
Brooke was trying to persuade Nick not to marry Taylor, Ridge and Ashley (Y&R) planned a romantic getaway, Lt.Baker was trying to find out who killed Shane Mc Grath and Rick went to Ashley for advice on how to deal with Phoebe not being ready for sex.

Days of our Lives April 30-May 4 2007
Sami was injected with a foreign substance by EJ, Adrienne returned to Salem and agreed to do what it took to get her brother Steve out of the mental hospital, Willow was manipulating Nick, Stephanie showed up in Salem a party girl, and on Tinda Lau, Gabby drugged Philip and Duck shot Shawn.

General Hospital April 30-May 4 2007
Jax and Carly went on a romantic trip to Fiji after marrying, Luke asked Tracy to impersonate Laura at Shady Brooke so he could get her out of there and away from Scott Baldwin, Spinelli broke into the hospital’s mainframe to get information about Liz and her unborn baby.