What’s their take on the survival of soap operas?

This Friday April 2, many will gather to discuss the future and survival of Daytime soap operas. Among those set to appear on the panel at the Popular Culture Association and American Culture Association in St. Louis will include The Bold and the Beautiful’s co-head writer Kay Alden and The Young and the Restless’ breakdown writer Tom Casiello.

The gathering will surround a new book, written by the University of California-Berkeley’s Abigail De Kosnik, Peppercom Strategic Communications’ Sam Ford, and Miami University’s C. Lee Harrington, titled “The Survival of Soap Opera: Transformations for a New Media Era.” The book will be published by The University Press of Mississippi with its release in December.

Soaps.com hopes the gathering provides insight for all who are wondering how long we can expect our favorite soaps to last. We talked to co-author Sam Ford back in 2008 about a course he was planning to teach on the American Soap Opera at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology if you’d like to check out Soaps.com Talks To M.I.T Professor About Soaps!