Sami and Rafe ( writers recently dished on who we felt the current list of top “hot mess” couples were in soap operas. We then turned the tables and asked you – the soap fans, to vote on who you felt the top hot messes were in soaps. You voted and we tallied the votes. Here are the results! We’ll include what the writers voted and the fan votes are under that.

All My Children

Candi said:
Annie and Adam & Jake and Amanda

Fans said:

Annie and Adam & Ryan and Greenlee.

One fan asked, “Are there any couples on All My Children?” [Perhaps she meant to ask, “Is there any romance on AMC?!”]

As the World Turns

Matt said:
Jack and Carly & Henry and Barbara

Fans said:
Jack and Carly & Jack and Janet

The Bold and the Beautiful

Lori said:
Ridge and Brooke & Nick and Bridget

Fans said:
Nick and Bridget & Ridge and Brooke [Nick and Bridget surprisingly surpassed Ridge and Brooke!]

Days of Our Lives

Christine said:
Sami and Rafe & Arianna and Brady