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Male Soap Opera Viewer’s Surprise – Women Lie About Watching Soaps!

I’m surrounded by women these days. As circumstance has it, my house consists of my wife and daughter and as I am currently without a job and no real hobby, I take in a lot of my wife’s fitness classes as well as hang out at the local coffee houses to write. These places are frequented by women and women only. Most of 2009 and all of 2010 has been like this. I spent the greater part of 2009 watching soaps and the “Game Show Channel” with my mother, who was in In-Home Hospice then who were also all women. It is the major reason I ended up writing at I wrote out some rants and thoughts about soaps and my being raised by women and living with soaps my whole life which led to my being a contributor for them. “So great!” I thought. I can use the new soap opera writing gig for small talk at my wife’s classes or perhaps when I’m eavesdropping on the Tuesday knitting group at the coffee house. That I could attract readers and hear some comments about how cool that is. It hasn’t worked out very well, so far. At my wife’s class as I was setting up my weights, I mentioned to this woman nearby that I’m doing some writing for now. “I don’t watch soaps”, she politely explained. Nor did the woman next to her or the two behind us and especially not the brave couple of women who setup right in front of my wife.

None of them watched soaps anymore?

It was a tad disappointing. I mean, certainly I didn’t expect them all to be watching soaps but I figured they were women and the odds were good that most of them did. My wife watches two soaps regularly, although she doesn’t talk about them a lot. “Hmmm,” I thought as I noticed that a couple of the women in the corner were talking about Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) from All My Children. There we go. They were talking about how she came back from the dead. A few of the other women by me were nodding their heads. I don’t watch the show much but remember her as that girl who did the Evel Knievel like jump over and over in the TV commercial promos several months back. I guess to her death? Like anyone really dies on a soap!? Several discussions were now starting up where the ladies in my wife’s class were comparing notes on who was cheating on whom and did they hear that the baby wasn’t Ashley’s? Then she realized that was on The Young and the Restless, another soap she didn’t watch much.