Luke leads the parade! (

All the green beer is gone and the Results are in from our St. Patty’s Day Poll! started out our St. Patrick’s Day Soapy Survey by asking how Irish our visitors are. 33% of people claim to only be Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, drinking that green beer, while a smaller percentage ranged from having no connection to the Emerald Isle, to having a smaller fraction on their mom or dad’s side.

Luckiest character winners:
General Hospital’s Sam came in with the most votes. Some folks say she never has to pay for her crimes and one fan says, “She gets away with endangering children.” Sonny, also a GHer came in second place with the votes, while DOOL’s EJ DiMera came in third place with fans telling us that he gets away with murder – must be lucky!

One fan’s answer stood out for us. “James Stenbeck – he never dies!”

Unluckiest character:
Elizabeth Webber on GH, followed by Adam Wilson on Y&R and Sami Brady on DOOL