Hunter Tylo (Dr. Taylor Hayes - B&B) (CBS)

This Sunday May 13- Saturday May 19 marks World Retinoblastoma Awareness Week. The campaign is supported by many eye cancer organizations, treatment centers including RBI, (founded by soap opera actor Matthew Ashford and his wife, Christina in 1998) along with affected families including actors Hunter and Michael Tylo (Dr. Taylor Hayes The Bold and the Beautiful and ex-Alexander (Blade) Bladeson) The Young and the Restless and Retinoblastoma survivors from around the world.

Retinoblastoma is a rare, fast growing form of cancer, which is diagnosed early on in childhood. It may affect one or both eyes, and when diagnosed and treated early this form of cancer is highly curable. The percentage of children cured is up to 96% in countries such as United States, Canada and England. Unfortunately, in less developed countries, the survival rate for this form of cancer is less than 20%.