DOOL: Brady & Ari in bed. (

Welcome to’s current list of top “hot mess” couples. We invite you to browse through it and once you’ve digested it, we’d love to hear who your thoughts on who your list of hot mess couples are!

All My Children

Annie and Adam: These two just aren’t connecting. Annie’s time is split between trying to secure Adam’s fortune and flirting with his nephew, Scott, and Adam himself is so busy trying to control his family that he can only focus on Annie for about as long as it takes to get a lap dance!

Jake and Amanda: They were one of the sweetest (and hottest) couples in town – for about five minutes! Nowadays, their relationship is totally dominated by the need to make David pay – they can’t even hold a conversation without his name coming up, or Jake having to run out the door to take part in a plot to run David out of town – it’s nuts!

As the World Turns

Jack and Carly: Their relationship has always been as much about breaking up as much as making up and seems entirely fueled by a desire for disappointment.

Henry and Barbara: They’re both flakes and she’s his brother’s mother but they still have a hotter and less delusional passion than either of them have had with anyone else.

Bold and the Beautiful

Ridge and Brooke: They’ve been together for over twenty years, but have spent most of that time breaking up and getting back together. While currently happily married, they continue to let old issues, such as Stephanie, Taylor, and their kids get between them. They have no shame in expressing their love all over Forrester Creations, usually behind unlocked doors where everyone, especially Stephanie, can walk in and find them. Probably the hottest mess in daytime.

Nick and Bridget: Nick has been married to Bridget’s mother and engaged to her aunt and recently kept secrets from her about their surrogate. They’ve been married twice before but on their latest try at marital bliss, Bridget slept with Nick’s father-in-law Owen.

Days of Our Lives

Sami and Rafe: These two can’t keep it together for more than a few days without breaking up over some misunderstanding or some lie or omission.

Arianna and Brady: Is it a surprise that these two are the siblings of the previous hot mess? Arianna’s insecurity about Brady’s feelings for Nicole make it easy for these two to break up at least once a week. Worse, the buffoons who can’t keep their relationship on GO for long are now engaged.

General Hospital

Elizabeth and Lucky: They were childhood sweethearts who have married and divorced on more than one occasion. Their relationship has overcome drug abuse and infidelity, but now, Elizabeth is pregnant and doesn’t know who the father is – Lucky or his brother Nikolas. One hot mess!

Spinelli and Maxie: Despite her constant declarations of love, she cheated on him, having sex with Franco, of all people. That didn’t help his insecurities and his latest attempt to keep her interested landed them both in the hospital.

One Life to Live

Langston and Markko: Markko spends most of the day with his head in the clouds, while Langston fights her feelings for Ford – and ultimately always ends up in his bed. The clues always seem to be staring Markko in the face, but his love for Langston, and her ease for being able to subside his suspicions, keep her secret affair at bay. Somebody needs to give this poor boy a clue!