Cle'de Peau Beaute concealer at Paul Labrecque

You asked for it – answers fan mail!

From time to time, fans ask wardrobe, jewelry, hair and cosmetic questions. While we may not always know the answer, our research comes up with a few answers! Here are a few examples from

Jan F sent us a message on April 16th asking, about a particular type of makeup that an actress uses. She asks, “Actress Alexa Havins on AMC uses a concealer that is called Cle’de Peau Beaute’ Where can I get this? Can you help me? Thank you in advance.”

Sure we can help; Jan. Alexa uses Cle De Peau, which is considered a high end concealer and a good one at that! I found some great reviews for this product! You can purchase the concealer online at this link : CLe De Peau for $68. You can also purchase it at any Paul Labrecque Salon in New York City. (Check their site for locations.) I have heard it conceals almost perfectly and stays on during exercise! It’s said to be as good as or better than Lancome (one of my fave brands) and it lasts a long time.