The viewers of NBC‘s two soaps, DOOL and Passions, have a golden opportunity over the next three months. Between April and the end of June, viewers will have a chance to win an all-expense paid trip to a taping of one of NBC‘s daytime shows and a chance to meet the actors.

The contest is simple, you have to spot the Lipman Wonder Mop when it appears on either show and then follow this link. You will be asked a few questions about the show and the mop. After answering, please fill out the form, making sure to note what day you saw the mop and which show you saw it on, and then submit it by the last day of the month before 4:59 PM Central Time. There will be three separate chances to win with a winner selected each month.

For more details, please visit the link and make sure that you review the guidelines before entry.

Please do not email concerning the contest as this is not one of our contests. Follow the link above for any information about the contest, and send any feedback via that page. wishes everyone good luck!

Matthew Purvis
Passions & Guiding Light Editor

(Special thanks to Matt Purvis for writing this up for me when I was swamped!
Christine Fix