Email Notification and Forum Search! has installed an email notification system that posters can use in order to request our system to automatically notify you when somebody replies to a topic you’ve created, posted a reply in or one you simply want to watch, without having created it or posted in it, without having to search for it on the site.

With our new email notification system, you can subscribe yourself to any topic and if you’re not interested in receiving email notification at a later date, you can simply unsubscribe to this new free application by going to your Edit My Profile Panel on, where you’ll find your watch list, under your display settings.

To ‘watch’ a topic, please go to the forums. Click the link you wish to watch. Under the pink ‘delete’ button, you’ll find another button, ‘Watch this topic’. Click that, and you’ll receive an automated email, notifying you that you’re subscribed.

If a few hours, days, weeks or months pass and you want to stop watching a particular topic, go to the plumb colored ‘EDIT YOUR PROFILE’ tab, top right hand side of the page, beside the ‘SPECIAL EVENTS’ tab. Click it, and in the ‘Edit Profile’ tab, you’ll see that each new notification function in your profile section is described in a little popup box when you rollover it with your mouse.

In that section, you can notify us to email you if you create a topic or reply to any topic, and of course, as stated above, you can stop notification at any point. has also installed a ‘SEARCH’ button in each forum, for you to search for particular threads or particular types of threads.
You’ll see a box and the word ‘GO’ beside it. Inside the box, simply type what you want to search for.


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We hope you will enjoy the new features here, on If you should have issues with them, please contact us and our technical staff will be happy to help.