We’ve been receiving a lot of complaints from angry SOAPnet customers who want to know why certain changes have been made recently to their programming. Since Soaps.com is not affiliated with any of the networks, including SOAPnet, we unfortunately have no answers!
While we can’t give you a reason why SOAPnet has changed the times of certain shows, we can only comment on what the changes are.
SOAPnet made a change to programming for top rated daytime soap, The Young and the Restless. The original time the show aired at was 7:00pm, but the network has since moved Days of Our Lives into that spot and you can now view Y&R at a new 11:00pm time slot. For more information about that, please check their scheduling.
SOAPnet has also decided to discontinue its daily reruns of Another World, which was a daytime drama that ran from May 4th 1964 – 1999 until its demise. SOAPnet made a lot of AW fans happy back in July 2003, when they started rerunning classic episodes from 1987 but unfortunately the last episode of AW aired on April 7th 2007. With the ratings at an extreme low (0.0 in the Neilson ratings), we can only guess part of the reason why the network stopped airing these episodes.
For those of you who would like to give feedback or complaints to SOAPnet for these changes, please go directly to their website at SOAPnet. Please do not email Soaps.com regarding these changes, as we can’t speak on their behalf!