Fans will miss 'Babe and Jamie' on AMC.

All My Children:

Disappointed with AMC

Lorraine J.: I don’t want to see Babe and Jamie leave the show. It won’t be the same without them.

Fay E.: I’m sorry but the story line you have going is about to sicken me. Get back to a more palatable story so I can watch it again and be amused at the dramatics, not this weird stuff.

Ginny T: My mother watched this show for years and I have watched it also. When she was alive we would always talk about it. Right now, I am glad she can’t watch it. I think today is my last time.

As the World Turns:

Not thrilled with ATWT:

Gilda S.: Please don’t pair Jack and Katie. When Carly comes back she and Jack need to be together again. They are the couple that will, in 10 years, be the Bob and Kim super couples that no matter what they’ll be together. Katie deserves to find someone that will mix things up with her and keep her interested…THAT IS BRAD…

Cecilia M.: I have been watching ATWT for almost 50 years and I am almost ready to quit. What has happened? It is boring and it takes too long to get the point.

The Bold and the Beautiful:

B&B getting “ridiculous”:

Jean L.: If Brooke goes after Nick again, my friends and I have vowed to stop watching this show. It is getting ridiculous!

Pedro S.: Please stop sending Brooke from brother to brother and find her someone new or leave her with Ridge. There is so much chemistry between them unlike with Nick. It’s boring.

Diane R.: I’m completely disgusted with the story line that has Brooke dumping Ridge and heading right to Nick even knowing that he is engaged to Taylor. She acts like a spoiled child, so I see where she has no common sense with raising her children (Phoebe) I’ve never written to any soap, but it disgusts me to think that Ridge is wrong concerning his daughter and Rick’s relationship (uck!) and Brooke is right. I have three daughters and I think it’s sick. I’ve watched the show for years but am considering stopping if this type of story line continues. Completely Disgusted in New York!!!

Days of Our Lives:

Storylines getting old?

Loretta M.: I hope these new writers are better than the current ones. The storylines are getting stupid and laughable sometimes. Drake & Deidre deserve more screen time. I’ve been watching Days forever & I’ve never been this bored with a show that I fast-forward by a lot of it. Mimi & Max were perfect together-why is she gone? Stephanie Johnson was a good addition to the show. You could have done a lot with her for Stephen to deal with.

Heather M.: I think the EJ scene is getting old. I haven’t watched it for a week, now it’s the same thing over and over. Get to something now before a lot of other people quit watching too.

Brandon & Maria H.: When are you guys going to move on with the story lines. All of them are getting boring. They are also getting hard to follow.

Guiding Light:

More realism!

Tra D.: Please make Sonny a gangster again. Get real with security at his place of business. No self respecting mob boss ever has people barging in his office at will “get real”. In reality Craig would be a dead man already. Please don’t leave him in the story too long. By the way, gangsters don’t shoot at center mass…they put one in the headfirst…the next time you have Sonny shooting, at least let him do it right.

Anne B.: The current premise is ridiculous and it has taken a long time to get Emily and Nicholas together and the two doctors. Now, you’re planning to split them all again. Give me a break! Get away with the Englishman by having Nicholas’s cousin discover what is going on. Then you can create a new story line, perhaps with Scorpio.