Brandon Beemer (Shawn, Days)

It’s that time of year again, and the daytime stars were kind enough to share their thoughts about Easter with their fans! Whether you celebrate Easter or not, you’re certain to enjoy these brief interviews. wishes to say a special Happy Birthday to Adrian Bellani (Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald Passions) and Kirsten Storms (Maxie General Hospital)!

Brandon Beemer (Shawn Brady Days of Our Lives) called’s Shannon Burrell ( Ugly Betty Editor) at home near the end of February regarding the Caribbean Soap Cruise that he’ll be attending. Brandon shared his Easter traditions with Shannon. “When we were young, we always celebrated Easter with dinner and going to church and getting Easter baskets with candy. But as you get older, things change. The tradition will probably start again when I have my kids.”

About a month later in mid-March, Mick Hazen (Parker Munson As the World Turns) called Shannon Burrell for an interview and the two got into a brief chat about Easter.

Shannon asks, “Do you have any family traditions or anything surrounding the Easter Holiday?”

Mick replies, “We tried having a family tradition where we paint the eggs and stuff like that, but it didnt really work out.” Laughter.

Shannon laughs and asks, “So are you going to try the eggs again this year?”

Mick laughs and replies, “Maybe. I dont think so though!”

Adrian Bellani (Miguel Passions)called’s Editor-in-Chief, Christine Fix Tuesday March 27th to discuss the Emmys and Passions cancellation. We also chatted for a while about Easter.

When asked about whether or not Adrian celebrates Easter, he perked right up and told me, “It’s a huge, huge religious holiday for us in El Salvador.” Not only is Easter important to Adrian, but his birthday just happens to fall on the same day! I had a chance to wish him a happy birthday, and he told me that the first thing he plans on doing on his birthday is to go to mass and start celebrating with his church.

Adrian shared a few memories from past Easter celebrations. “We used to do the whole egg hunt when we were kids,” he says. “We used to do the whole rabbit thing but we would always, always go to church go to mass.” Adrian goes on to say that he’s catholic. “Church is pretty much my priority and my family’s priority is to go and thank God and thank Jesus for everything he did for us and for dying on the cross.”

Adrian and I continued to chat about church, and his birthday and I found out that Adrian is in Los Angeles all alone! His family resides in El Salvador. “I’m here all by myself,” he admits. “My closest family would be Silvana (Arias, who plays Paloma) and Galen Gering (Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald) and Lindsay Hartley (Theresa) and Eva Tamargo Lemus (Pilar). With his family so far away, I asked if he would be spending Easter with his friends. Adrian was happy to announce that his mother and brother would be coming to town [L.A] this Sunday and “They’ll spend all next week with me and they’ll be here for my birthday and they’ll head back home!” Adrian tells me that he tries to visit his family as much as he can and although he doesn’t have much time to visit them, “I go about two, three times a year.” he says. He tells me that he’s very close with his family. In fact, “I miss them a ton but they usually come here more often than I go there,” he admits.