Mouch, Chicago Fire
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He may be one of Firehouse 51’s most lovable firefighters on Chicago Fire, but to Christian Stolte’s children, he’s just their dad.

Chicago Fire is NBC’s procedural drama following the personal and professional lives of firefighters, paramedics and other emergency workers at the Chicago Fire Department’s fictional Firehouse 51 in Chicago, Illinois. The series — which is created by Dick Wolf, the mind behind the Law & Order and FBI franchises — is the first show in NBC’s One Chicago franchise, which also includes Chicago P.D. and Chicago Med.

Stolte plays Randall “Mouch” McHolland, a senior firefighter at Firehouse 51 who earned the nickname “Mouch” (a combination of “man” and “couch” because he’s almost always seen watching TV on the couch of Firehouse 51 when not responding to a call. In Season 4, Episode 18, Mouch marries his longtime girlfriend, Trudy Platt, a sergeant with the Chicago Police Department on Chicago P.D.

In an interview with Starry Magazine in 2018, Stolte named Amy Morton, who plays Truudy, as a One Chicago cast member he’d like to have more scenes with, given that the two appear on different series. “Like every actor I know, I am a huge fan of Oliver Platt and would love to have a nice scene with him. Also, I’d love to work more closely with Colin [Donnell] from Med, LaRoyce [Hawkins] from P.D. and I always, always want more scenes with my beloved wife Trudy,” he said.

He also told the magazine why he believes Chicago Fire is still so popular after airing on NBC for more than a decade “I think there’s just something universal about the family dynamic on the show and in the nature of the incidents and accidents we respond to,” he said. “It doesn’t matter what country or culture you come from, when you see a car dangling on the edge of a precipice with someone trapped inside, you have a pretty good idea of what’s at stake.”

As for his favorite episode on Chicago Fire, Stolte told Screen Magazine in April 2022 that he has several episodes that are special to him. “This question is more complicated than it sounds. I’m never sure whether to base my answer on the experience of shooting it, or the experience of watching it. On top of that, there is the ’10-year-blur’ factor, which is to say the reality of shooting these episodes is an uninterrupted, often-overlapping season-long marathon, making it difficult for me to differentiate one episode from another,” he said. “Having said that, I loved shooting and watching “Going to War” by Andrea Newman and Michael Gilvary, directed by Reza Tabrizi. That’s the episode where we first meet Daniel Kyri’s character, Ritter. And ‘Natural Born Firefighter,’ written by Matt Whitney and directed by Eric Laneuville, was the episode that featured my best rescue.”

He continued, “Overall, though, nothing quite compares to the fun we had shooting ‘Dead Zone,’ written by Ashley Cooper, directed by Matt Earl Beesley. Our 201st episode, season 10, episode 6. No fires, no incidents, just super-intense, high-stakes action in the bullpen of Firehouse 51.”

But back to Christian Stolte’s children. Stolte shares two children, daughters Corinne Anderson and Greta, with his wife. Read on for what to know about his kids in real life.

Who are Christian Stolte’s children?

Meet Christian Stolte’s children and see how many kids Chicago Fire‘s Mouch has in real life ahead.

Corinne Anderson Stolte

Corinne Anderson Stolte is Christian Stolte and his wife’s first child and eldest daughter. Like her father, Corinne is also an actor. In Chicago Fire Season 3, Episode 17, “Forgive You Anything,” she played Lizzie Schafer, Mouch’s biological daughter who learns he’s her father through a sperm donation. Corrine reprised her role as Lizzie in Chicago Med, Season 4, Episode 20, “More Harm Than Good,” in which viewers learn that Lizzie is now a nurse.

Along with acting, Corinne has also worked behind-the-scenes of several TV shows and movies, including as a production assistant on nine episodes of Chicago P.D., a production assistant on 2014’s Transformers: Age of Extinction, a production assistant on 2015’s Jupiter Ascending, and an assistant to the director on 2015’s Anguish, according to her IMDb. She’s also worked in digital utility and as a camera production assistant on 35 episodes of Chicago P.D.

In 2017, Christian posted an Instagram photo of him and his daughter on the set of Chicago P.D. “Working with my daughter @corinne.anderson today on her show, a little number called Chicago PD,” Christian captioned the photo, which showed him in Mouch’s firefighter uniform.

Greta Stolte

Greta Stolte is Christian Stolte and his wife’s second child and youngest daughter. She’s also an actor like her father and older sister. According to Looper, Greta was an extra in a scene in the pilot episode of Chicago Fire, in which she played the “first person rescued” ever in the series. “She’s not a freshman at Arizona State, but she was small enough that Jesse [Spencer] handed her off to David [Eigenberg] after they crawled out of a residential fire,” Stolte said in a past interview.

Along with Chicago Fire, Greta has also acted in TV shows like Sirens and Morning Wood, as well as the 2023 movie Perpetrator, according to her IMDb. According to her Instagram @greta.stolte, Greta is a student at Arizona State University’s Barrett Honors College and is set to graduate in 2025. She also lists her hometown as Evanston, Illinois, a city just 14 miles from Chicago where Christian films Chicago Fire. She also has a food Instagram under the handle, @gretamakesfood, in which she posts recipes and dishes she’s created. “My feed is a collection of recipes that I’ve made and photographed, with credit for the recipe in the caption!” her Instagram bio reads.

Chicago Fire is available to stream on Peacock.

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