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Zeeko Zaki is an engaged man! The FBI star recently proposed to his girlfriend of two years. Who is FBI’s OA engaged to in real life? Learn about his Instagram-famous fiancée and how he pulled off the romantic proposal below.

On FBI, Zaki plays special agent Omar Adom ‘OA’ Zidan. He joined the Dick Wolf procedural when the series debuted in September 2018 and has been with the show for all five seasons. He stars opposite of his Missy Peregrym, who plays special agent Maggie Bell, his partner in the New York Field Office. In an October 2022 interview with Collider ahead of Season 5, the actor opened up about what it’s like watching the franchise grow into what it is now.

“It’s an absolute honor. It’s extremely humbling. Stepping into Season 5 and seeing the scale of the success of this show only proves that it’s impossible to do without every single person that’s been involved. What’s really been nice is going back on set and seeing that the validation and recognition is felt by everybody, from the crew to the actors,” he explained in the interview.  “It’s just a really fun energy to be a part of. We work really, really, really hard, and it’s just really nice to see that the show is received equally as well. It really just comes down to the fact that we’re trying to make a really great TV show that delivers on the traditional and the new. So far, we’re pulling it off, but it definitely creates an equal amount of pressure to keep pulling it off. Hopefully, we will be up to the challenge.”

Zaki was born in Alexandria, Egypt, and immigrated to the United States when he was only one month old. He was raised outside Philadelphia, PA, and Wilmington, DE, but spent his summers throughout his childhood in Egypt. In addition to FBI, Zaki also appeared in NCIS: Los Angeles, 24: Legacy, Six, The Night Shift and Valor. According to his CBS bio, Zaki is a “passionate advocate” for changing the narrative in his country and abroad with respect to Arab people, which he also replicates in his role on FBI.

So, who is the FBI agent engaged to in real life and how did the actor propose? See the adorable photos and videos below.

Who is FBI’s OA Engaged to in real life?


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Who is FBI’s OA engaged to in real life? FBI actor Zeeko Zaki is engaged to his now-fiancée, Renee Monaco, a digital content creator. In May 2023, Entertainment Tonight spoke with Zaki about his proposal and the Season 5 finale of the crime drama. The 33-year-old actor told the platform that an ongoing inside joke between him and his fiancée was to say the phrase “Is this the moment?” anytime a proposal could potentially take place.

The moment finally came when the couple ventured to Morocco and went on a camel ride, the actor said. “I don’t think she had any idea that it was gonna happen there, but I was not gonna waste a camel ride into the desert, so it was definitely the moment, and it was a dream come true,” Zaki told ET’s Rachel Smith.

The FBI star revealed that while his first words after his proposal were ironically, “This is the moment,” he could not remember what he said to Monaco – as he did not plan out his comments beforehand. “It’s so funny that’s the one thing that I didn’t prepare because I was like, ‘It will come to me in the moment,'” he added. “I don’t know why I didn’t prepare something because every line I’ve spoken in the past five years has been written for me, so I feel like I should have at least put in a little more there, but it was so magical. It was unbelievable.”

Monaco was also present at Zaki’s ET interview. “I had no idea. I was so happy,” she gushed in the interview. On her Instagram with more than 220K followers, she shared a video of the picturesque engagement and captioned the post: “Don’t mess with me I’m marrying an FBI agent.”


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Zaki said that he also told his FBI co-stars of his plans to propose to Monaco. “Missy [Peregrym] knew. She knows everything,” he said of his co-star. “John [Boyd] and Jeremy [Sisto], the whole cast was really, really excited for this.”

The couple has publicly shared photos documenting their relationship on social media, including for special holidays like Valentine’s Day. “Miss Renée you have brought me closer to my family, my work, and too myself. You helped me carve out a safe space in this crazy little world and I couldn’t wake up more excited to share it with you every single day… Thank you baby! Happy Valentine’s Day,” Zaki wrote in the heartfelt caption to Monaco.


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