Eric Winter and Roselyn Sanchez
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We’ll ship Tim Bradford and Lucy Chen on The Rookie until the end of time. But in the actor’s personal life, who is Eric Winter’s wife? Keep reading to learn who the former Days of Our Lives actor is married to in real life.

The Rookie is ABC’s police procedural drama following John Nolan, a newly divorced man in his 40s who, after inadvertently helping the police stop a bank robbery, moves from Pennsylvania to Los Angeles, California, to pursue a career as a police officer at the Los Angeles Police Department. Created by Alexi Hawley, the series is based on the true story of William Norcross, a real officer with the LAPD who moved to Los Angeles in 2015 and joined the department in his mid-40s.

As one of the original officers on The Rookie, Winter portrays Tim Bradford, a training officer at the Los Angeles Police Department who served as a Marine squad leader in Iraq and Afghanistan before joining the LAPD. In an interview with HollywoodLife in 2020, Winter, who also played Rex Brady on the soap opera Days of Our Lives, talked about his character’s on-screen relationship with fellow police officer Lucy Chen (Melissa O’Neil) after the Season 2 finale.

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“They picked this duo and turned them into Chenford and Tucy. It’s amazing, because going into the show, I don’t think anybody predicted that or thought that was even in the future. I think Alexi [Hawley] had a lot of things lined up structurally without these characters’ relationships, but as seasons go on and characters grow and the actors bring what they do, everybody evolves,” he explained to the platform. Fans have a strong voice and fans really took to this tough love of Bradford just all over this girl and her taking it, pushing back, and delivering. It turned into this super powerful platonic love that everyone wants to see it be more than that.”

But what about Eric Winter’s relationship in real life? Keep scrolling to learn all about his famous wife, how the couple met and if they have any children together.

Who is Eric Winter’s wife?

Eric Winter and Roselyn Sanchez

Who is Eric Winter’s wife? Eric Winter is married to his wife of 15 years, Roselyn Sánchez, a Puerto Rican singer, songwriter and actress. Sánchez is best known for her roles in Without a Trace, Devious Maids and her current role as Elena Roarke on the FOX series, Fantasy Island. She has also appeared in film projects including Rush Hour 2, Boat Trip, The Game Plan, Act of Valor and more.

The pair began dating after meeting at a party in L.A. in 2005. Winter was previously married to actress Allison Ford from 2001 to 2005, while Sánchez was formerly married to Gary Stretch from 1998 to 2001. A few months after Winter divorced Ford, he and Sánchez started dating in 2005, and Winter proposed two years later in 2007. He popped the question during a kayaking trip through a bioluminescent bay (how romantic!). Roselyn said yes and the couple tied the knot in 2008 at the San Cristobal fort in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, which is Roselyn’s hometown.


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Four years after their wedding, they welcomed their first daughter, Sebella Rose Winter (age 11) in 2012. They had their second child, Dylan Gabriel Winter, in 2017, after a long and difficult process with in vitro fertilization. “We tried [to conceive naturally] for at least three years [before Sebi] and it was a shock,” Sanchez told People in September 2017. “I have four siblings … my mom is very fertile. I knew that I had endometriosis, but with me, it wasn’t an indication that I was going to have a problem with conceiving because my tubes were clean and my ovaries were clean. It was devastating.”

Eric Winter and Roselyn Sanchez on The Rookie

Aside from raising a family together, the couple are also business partners and have collaborated together in TV, film, literature and more. Roselyn made a special guest appearance in The Rookie Season 2, Episode 16, “The Overnight,” as Valerie Castillo, a reporter with unclear motives that befriends Chen, despite Tim’s reservations. The couple also starred alongside each other in the 2019 Hallmark movie, A Taste of Summer, on the Hallmark channel. The film follows Sous chef Gabby (Sánchez) who left her job in NYC to move to her sister’s small town of Bright Shore to open her own restaurant. Caleb (played by Winter) runs a nearby restaurant and is not pleased when Gabby’s restaurant comes to town.

“We had a blast but our process is very different. This was a light-hearted romantic comedy, so there was no point in us being all crazy serious. I goof around on set and have fun with everybody,” Winter said about the film in an interview with 2019 interview with Us Magazine. “Roselyn was so serious. I was looking at her like, ‘Why do you look like you want to kill me? We’re working together, we’re supposed to be falling in love!’”


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Sánchez and Winter also launched a podcast together, He Said, Ella Dijo, on iHeartRadio in 2019. Sánchez spoke about the exciting venture with her husband on the PEOPLE Every Day Podcast in December 2022. “We’re like opposites and everybody, nobody understands how we — with now 17 years together, two kids later — people always go, ‘How the heck do you guys make it work? Because you guys disagree on everything,'” she said in the interview. “But it’s funny, you know? We do it with respect, we do it with honesty.” The podcast was originally meant to cover pop culture and related issues, but “now, it has become like an outlet,” Sanchez also told the site. “It is almost like a therapy session for all, every single episode.”

The Rookie airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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