Cast of Yellowstone Season 5
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As celebrities, politicians and public figures react to the loss of blue checkmarks on Twitter, cast members of Yellowstone are among the primetime actors speaking out. Is the Yellowstone cast leaving Twitter after losing blue checkmarks? Keep reading to find out.

On April 20, 2023, Twitter removed blue checkmarks, a symbol used to verify celebrities, businesses and other notable accounts. To qualify for verification, you must sign up for the Twitter Blue subscription, a service that allows users to receive a blue check on their profile as part of their $8-per-month or $84-per-month subscription. It was announced in March 2023 that all previously verified accounts, or “legacy verified” accounts, must subscribe to Twitter Blue in order to keep their blue checkmarks. Twitter CEO Elon Musk gave some legacy celebrities like Lebron James, Stephen King and William Shatner “complimentary” subscriptions, so they wouldn’t have to pay for the service, according to the New York Post.

Across primetime, stars have voiced opposition to paying for a blue checkmark, which filters legitimate accounts from fake ones. Some actors have decided to leave Twitter completely in response to the new policy, including Chicago Fire star Alberto Rosende, who has played firefighter Blake Gallo since Season 8. “I will not be as active on Twitter. I will definitely not be paying. This will still be my only Twitter account. It’s been a great ride, see you guys (much more frequently) on Insta,” he tweeted on April 20.

Is the Yellowstone cast leaving Twitter after losing a blue checkmark?

Gil Birmingham as Tribal Chairman Thomas Rainwater in Yellowstone

Is the Yellowstone cast leaving Twitter after losing a blue checkmark? While it looks like no one in Yellowstone has left as a direct result of Twitter Blue, one major cast member voiced their opinion about the newly paid service.

Actor Gil Birmingham, who’s played Tribal Chairman Thomas Rainwater since Season 1 of Yellowstone, assured fans that he will not be paying for a checkmark. “Well, Twitter finally took away my official checkmark. I won’t be paying Musk to be verified. I know who I am. Just a reminder this is my one and only official twitter account.  I have no others. Don’t be fooled by imposters,” he wrote in a tweet on April 24, 2023.

Josh Lucas, who plays a younger version of John Dutton on Yellowstone, left Twitter years ago because of trolls and bullies. “I have decided to #quittwitter as its become a home for trolls a place to bully. There are so many better things to do! Peace out!” his Twitter bio says. The Yellowstone actor was last active in February 2018 to address someone who was using his posts and images to pose as him.

Meanwhile, a slew of Yellowstone stars have remained on the platform but are not signed up for Twitter Blue, including Cole Hauser, Jefferson White, Lainey Wilson, Wendy Moniz, Ryan Bingham, Piper Perabo and Hassie Harrison. As of April 2023, the only main Yellowstone cast member that is paying for Twitter Blue is actor Ian Bohen, who plays cowboy Ryan on the Western series.

Ian Boden as Ryan in Yellowstone

Yellowstone has been under fire lately, after it was rumored that Kevin Costner will be leaving the show and that Part 2 of Season 5 could be delayed (or even scrapped) because of scheduling issues. It was also confirmed in April 2023 that Matthew McConaughey is lined up to star in a Yellowstone extension, which will “move forward regardless of whether Costner returns to the original.” Some of the original Yellowstone cast are slated to move to the McConaughey-led series.

You can watch Yellowstone1883, and 1932 on the Paramount Network, which is available to stream on services including Fubo TV, Philo TV, and Hulu+ With Live TV. The first four seasons of Yellowstone are also available to stream on Peacock.

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