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Outside of daytime television, it’s rare for the same troupe of actors to get to work together over the span of decades. So Yellowstone star Kelly Reilly knows how special it is that she’s gotten to do just that on Cédric Klapisch’s Spanish Apartment series of movies.

As Reilly put it on Instagram, “Twenty years ago, I got to work on a film called L’auberge Espagnole. Five years later, we all returned for Les Poupées Russes. Ten years ago, for Casse-tête Chinois. 

“Last year,” she continued, “we came back for Salad Grecque just out on Amazon prime.”

Reilly couldn’t believe her good fortune. “How wonderful to work with you, Cédric, over all these years,” she exclaimed. “And to the actors I have been getting older with — what a total joy it’s been!”

The first three film’s focused on the romantic entanglements of Reilly’s Wendy, Amélie star Audrey Tatou’s Martine and Romain Duris’ Xavier. The latest installment passes the baton to the next generation. “Now we hand it over to the kids,” cheered Reilly, adding, “They are luminous.”

LES POUPEES RUSSES, Romain Duris, Kelly Reilly, 2005, (c) IFC Films/courtesy Everett Collection

Rip wouldn’t like this shot of “Beth” and her movie co-star.

Credit: IFC Films/Courtesy of the Everett Collection

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Paramount confirmed in May 2023 that Season 5 of Yellowstone will be its last.(More on that here.) The midseason finale left Reilly’s Beth conspiring with dad John (Kevin Costner) to have brother Jamie (Wes Bentley) killed. At the same time, Jamie was plotting with lover Sarah (Dawn Olivieri) to have John and Beth offed!

Already, another offshoot of the franchise has been announced, this one with Matthew McConaughey in the lead. (Details here.)

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