David Eigenberg and his wife Chrysti Eidenberg
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David Eigenberg is not only a father of five on Chicago Fire, but the actor’s also a dad in real life. Want to know more about David Eigenberg’s children? Keep reading to learn about his kids with his wife of more than 20 years, Chrysti Eigenberg.

On NBC’s drama series, Chicago Fire, David Eigenberg plays Lieutenant Christopher Herrmann, a senior firefighter at Firehouse 51. The show follows the stories of firefighters, rescue personnel and paramedics of the Chicago Fire Department’s fictional Firehouse 51. He’s one of the last original firefighters who’s stayed on the show since Season 1 amid a slew of cast exits over the year (think: Matthew Casey, Otis Zvonecek, Gabby Dawson, etc.). Herrmann’s married to Cindy Herrmann, his wife whom he shares four sons, Lee Henry, Luke, Max and Kenny James, and one daughter, Anabelle. His wife was recently diagnosed with lung cancer in Season 11, so it was widely speculated that Eigenberg was leaving Chicago Fire. It’s later revealed in Season 11, Episode 17, that Cindy’s chemotherapy worked and she’s now cancer free.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly in February 2021, Eigenberg talked about his time on the show and how his coworkers have become “like family,” especially with Joe Minoso, who plays fellow firefighter Joe Cruz. “We’re all like family. It’s been nearly 10 years that we’ve been working on the show, and we’ve developed a friendship over the years,” he explained. “I really relate to Joe, and we have some common history. They wrote some really nice stuff for us and I was glad that they stepped into our current times a little bit, showing what’s good in this life and what’s destructive.”

Eigenberg’s also widely known for portraying Steve Brady in HBO’s Sex and the City and its revival, And Just Like That. He was recently photographed on the set of And Just Like That Season 2 on Coney Island, New York, in February 2023, alongside Sarah Jessica Parker (who plays Carrie Bradshaw) and John Corbett (who plays Aidan Shaw).


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Eigenberg met his wife, Chrysti Eigenberg, in 2001 at a gala event in Virginia. In an interview with The Day in October 2021, the actor said he fell in love with her instantly. “It just hit me at the core,” he told the platform. He added that meeting her allowed him to “commit … to being engaged with somebody else.” He asked Chrysti to marry him a few months after they started dating, and they got married in 2002 at the Russian Samovar in Manhattan.

“I’ve been married 10 years. We got married real quick, not because she was pregnant or anything, but we just got married really quick ‘cause I knew she was the girl,” he told Cosmo TV in February 2013. He revealed that his second year of marriage was the toughest. “We fought, I think for a year straight, it was awful,” he said, but added that “When the dust settles, and you could still like, forgive each other and communicate… there’s something in that…”

Who are David Eigenberg’s children?

David and Chrysti Eigenberg

Who are David Eigenberg’s children? Learn about the actor’s two children and where they live now.

Louie Steven Eigenberg

Birthday: January 19, 2009


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David and Chrysti welcomed their first child, Louie Steven Eigenberg, in January 2009. The actor shared a photo of his son in May 2014 with the caption: “Super cool #beachesresorts.”

Myrna Belle Eigenberg

Birthday: January 31, 2014

The couple had their daughter, Myrna Belle Eigenberg, in January 2014, five years after welcoming Louie. Eigenberg hasn’t shared any pictures of Myrna on Instagram and has largely kept his family out of the public eye.

Eigenberg, who spent his youth in Naperville, Illinois, moved back to the city to film Chicago Fire. The actor admitted to West Suburban Living in May 2015 that he’d never expected his career to lead him back to Chicago. “Actually no, I never did, although I did a pilot here 15 to 18 years ago with Patrick Dempsey. It was about assistant district attorneys in Chicago with director Chris Columbus. It never went obviously,” he explained, adding that his wife wasn’t a fan of the windy city. “I brought my wife back with me because my folks were here. She got one taste of the winter here and said, ‘I’ll move anywhere with you for your job but don’t make me move back to Chicago.’”

Surprise! The actor ultimately moved his family back to Chicago for the show (which at the time, consisted of him, Chrysti and little Louie). His wife then got pregnant with their daughter Myrna and had a tough winter in the chilly Chicago climate. “Last year winter was tough, though, because my wife was pregnant and at the time, we lived in a second-floor walk-up with two dogs. She wasn’t really happy with me,” he said.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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