Stuart Scola, FBI
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Since his pregnant girlfriend almost died in the FBI crossover event, fans have had their concerns over if Stuart Scola is leaving FBI and what could happen to John Boyd’s character.

FBI is CBS’ crime drama series following the personal and professional lives of special agent in the criminal division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s New York City field office. The series — which was created by Dick Wolf, the same creator behind the Law & Order and One Chicago franchises — premiered in 2018 and has since led to two spin-offs: FBI: Most Wanted and FBI: International.

Boyd plays Special Agent Stuart Scola, the field partner of Special Agent Kristen Chazal and then Tiff Wallace. Scola joined in Season 2 and started dating his now-girlfriend, Nina Chase, in Season 4. Nina becomes pregnant with their baby, a son, in Season 5. “When the audience knows that two people have an intimate connection that’s more romantic, it sort of permeates all of their interactions, which has been so fun to play, because he has such a deep connection to his partner, but this type of romance,” Boyd told TV Insider of Scola and Nina’s relationship in September 2022. “But yeah, we see it. It’s in the subtext, it’s in the way that he says hello to her, it’s in the way that he asks her questions. It’s always there.”

Just as it seems like Scola’s life is happier than ever, there are theories that this could be the end for him on FBI. So is Stuart Scola leaving FBI? Read on for what we know.

Is Stuart Scola leaving FBI?

Stuart Scola, FBI

Is Stuart Scola leaving FBI? There’s been no confirmation that Scola or the actor who plays him, John Boyd, are leaving FBI. However, fans have had their theories about Scola’s future on FBI since his love interest, Nina Chase, revealed that she was pregnant with his baby in Season 5, Episode 6, “Double Bind.” During the episode, Nina, who joined FBI in Season 4, tells Scola in an elevator that she’s pregnant with his child. “I’m pregnant. I found out last night,” Nina says before explaining that her pregnancy was she recently went to the doctor. “I thought I had the flu. I didn’t consider that I was [pregnant.]” she continues. When Scola asks if he’s the father of the baby, Nina confirms that he is. Scola then asks Nina if she’s planning to keep the baby, to which Nina responds, “I don’t know” before the ending the conversation.

At the end of “Double Bind,” Nina announces to the New York City field office that she’s leaving the criminal division of the FBI to join the white-collar department. “This is going to be my last case with you guys for a while,” she says. “I need to take some time and clear my head. But I’m just going to go down to white collar. I’m going to take down all the dangerous dudes on Wall Street there who are doing insider trading.” She continues, “I’ll be two floors down. Don’t be emotional.” After her announcement, Scola walks Nina to the elevator before asking for the real reason she’s leaving the criminal division. After the meeting, Scola walks Nina to the elevator and asks her the real reason she’s leaving the criminal division. “Will you talk to me? What’s going on? Why are you really leaving?” Scola ask to which Nina responds, “I just need some time to figure things out. What to do with my life.” Scola then asks, “So…what about the baby?” Nina responds, “I don’t know. I just need some time.”

In the FBI crossover event with FBI: Most Wanted and FBI: International in April 2023, Nina was shot while trying to help the international Fly Team storm a house in Italy where terrorists were living. Nina survives the shooting, but the the possibility that Nina and their baby could die weighs on Scola. How do you feel?” Scola asks Nina when he visits her at the hospital. “I’ve been better,” Nina responds, to which Scola asks, “What about the baby? Is he OK?” Nina responds, “I think so” before placing Scola’s hand on her bump. “Felt him kicking.” Scola then tells Nina, “I love you,” to which Nina responds through tears, “I love you. A lot.”

During Season 5, Episode 18, “Obligation,” viewers learn that Nina’s shooting affected Scola more than the team thought after he returned to the FBI following a break to be with Nina only to realize that he still had anxiety over what happened. Scola’s anxiety leads him to consider a job in the white collar division of the FBI, like Nina, as he applies to a supervisory agent position with the department. At the end of “Obligation,” however, Scola realizes — thanks to the advice of Special Agent Tiff Wallace — that he can’t protect Nina and his baby from everything and that where he’s meant to be is in the criminal division. Still, the episode scared fans into thinking that Scola was leaving FBI.

“For a second there I thought my boy Scola was leaving FBI,” Twitter user @pillsbury101 tweeted. Twitter user @forevernightz wrote, “not gonna lie though them showing the flashback of everything that went down in rome made me worry that Scola was leaving before he even said he was thinking about the SSA position. i was STRESSED this episode lmao.” User @lshons1 tweeted, “Scola might be leaving.”

While some viewers are confident that Scola is remaining on FBI for good, others think that his line to Tiff in “Obligation” — “You don’t just get to wave a magic wand and hope that nothing bad ever happens” — foreshadows something bad to happen to him, Nina or their baby in Season 5.

Nina and Stuart’s relationship will be on the forefront in the Season 5 finale of FBI, which airs on May 23, 2023. In the episode, “The team must race against the clock to hunt down a religiously motivated serial killer, after a prominent doctor is found dead in a ritualistic slaying. But if that wasn’t enough drama to close out the season and mark a milestone, Scola (played by John Boyd) will face a life-or-death decision,” according to TV Line.

Who plays Stuart Scola on FBI?

Stuart Scola, FBI

Who plays Stuart Scola on FBI? Scola is played by John Boyd, who joined FBI as a series regular in Season 2. Along with FBI, Boyd has also starred in shows like The Carrie Diaries, Touch, Suits, 24, Fringe and Law & Order, in which he played two characters between 2005 and 2006. Boyd has also starred in movies like Mercy, Argo and Pepperpint. 

In an interview with Cinema Blend in April 2023, Boyd revealed the kind of father he wants Scola to be. “I think Scola would be surprised at what it’s like to have a close relationship with his son,” he said. “I don’t think Scola was incredibly close with his own father.”

He continued, “I think his father surrounded himself with money and success and riches and exterior looking good, and I don’t think he ever had that closeness. But I think what would surprise him about himself as a dad is the closeness and the intimate connection with your own son, and the softness and tenderness of being a parent. [That] is my hope for how he would respond to that.”

FBI airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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