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We’ve got the scoop on your must-see moments from around the dial! 

We get paid to watch soaps — bestest job ever, by the way — but you don’t. So maybe you don’t have quite as much time on your hands as  we do. That’s why we’re here to make sure you don’t miss the really good stuff. In fact, this intro has already taken too much of your time… let’s get to the good stuff!

The Bold and the Beautiful

Liam B&B

When two women on a soap get in one another’s faces, we tend to call it a catfight. (Not the most politically correct thing in the world, but… ). Is there a word for when two guys do the same thing? In any case, get the popcorn, because on Friday, April 14, Liam is going to make very, very sure that Thomas knows he’s not a happy camper. The real question is whether or not Thomas has actually done anything to earn the wrath of Hope’s husband. (Meaning anything new, because clearly his past actions have given Liam reason to get hot under the collar.) Want more Bold & Beautiful spoilers? We’ve got you covered here.

Days of Our Lives

Johnny Chanel kiss Days

Remember a few years ago, when Jennifer’s book club wound up accidentally eating the “special” donuts that JJ had whipped up? Well, it looks as if tainted treats are about to be unknowingly downed again. This time, it sounds as if someone’s put a drug into biscuits being sold at Sweet Bits on Thursday, April 13. But unless we miss our mark, the real fun will start when the drugs kick in on Friday, April 14. (Which probably means by Monday, April 17, people will start regretting their actions!) And for even more Days of Our Lives spoilers, head here. 

General Hospital

Victor and Spencer plot GH

Based on everything going down in Port Charles this week, we’d swear it was time for May sweeps. And if the show is going this crazy in April, what the heck will they roll out next month? In any case, this week will see Victor put his plan in motion. He’s lured Spencer onto the Haunted Star, kidnapped Ace… but what is his end game? We’ll get much more information when on Thursday, April 13, the Cassadine patriarch lays out his entire scheme. But he might be surprised by how Spencer reacts on Friday, April 14! Check out the video below for a peek at the action… and head here for more General Hospital spoilers!

The Young and the Restless

Phyllis Jeremy Y&R

Phyllis has always been an “act first, think about the consequences later, if ever” kinda gal. So we probably shouldn’t be surprised that on Tuesday, April 12, the fiery redhead finds herself kinda sorta regretting having gotten mixed up with Jeremy Stark. (What, she couldn’t hear all of us literally shouting at our screens, warning her this was a terrible, awful, no-good very bad idea?) Meanwhile, based on how Jack behaves on Friday, April 14, it feels as if Phyllis’ plan is only pushing her ex further into Diane’s arms. Anybody else think maybe it’s time for Phyllis to emerge from the shadows, say, “Hey guys, just kidding about the whole dead thing!” and let the chips fall where they may? Meanwhile, we’ve got more Young & Restless spoilers right here. 

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