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If you’ve followed the residents and attendings at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital since the start, you may be wondering: why was The Resident cancelled after six seasons?

The Resident is a medical drama that follows the personal and professional lives of residents, attendings and other staff members a the fictional Chastain Park Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. The series — which premiered on FOX on 2018 and ran for six seasons until its cancellation in 2023 — was led by Matt Czuchry, who played Conrad Hawkins, a senior resident internist (and later chief resident) at Chastain Park Memorial who is critical of the healthcare industry’s bureaucratic practices.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in 2022, creator Amy Holden Jones and showrunner Andrew Chapman reacted to The Resident airing its 100th episode. “Every single year we’ve been left on tenterhooks about whether we get picked up, just because of the nature of the fact that the show is owned by both Disney and Fox. But I will always remember that by the fifth episode of the show, one of our top writers turned to then-showrunner Todd Harthan and said, ‘Oh my God, this could run for 10 years,'” Jones said. “The hope has always been there; I firmly believe that the show could go on indefinitely, but whether it gets that chance is outside of our control. But getting to 100 feels fantastic, doesn’t it, Andrew?

Chapman added, “Honestly, I was more surprised that we got picked up at the end of season one than I am that we made it to 100 episodes. Really, at the end of every season, I think, ‘This is a miracle.'” As fans know, The Resident didn’t make it to 10 years. Read on for what we know about the reason the medical drama ended and why The Resident was cancelled.

Is The Resident cancelled?

The Resident

Is The Resident cancelled? The answer is yes. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed The Resident was cancelled by FOX on April 6, 2023 — three months after the Season 6 finale aired. “It was a great run. #TheResident lives on ⁦ @hulu ⁩ where you can watch commercial free. Today is a day of gratitude for our amazing cast and crew and the life altering experience we shared,” creator and executive producer Amy Holden Jones wrote in a tweet at the time.

The confirmation came after fans found a listing for a liquidation sale in March 2023 selling props and designer wardrobes from a “major network medical drama,” which many assumed was for The Resident. The sale was held from March 23 to March 26, 2023, and took place in Conyers, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta, where The Resident filmed. A source also told TV Line at the time that the series was “essentially done.”

In an interview with TV Line in January 2023, Jones revealed that The Resident Season 6 finale was intentionally written to also be a series finale in case the show wasn’t renewed. “Season 6 shows the amazing resiliency of this show. Even if we lose wonderful characters, like Nic and Mina, we create new ones who bring fantastic stories to fill the void,” she said. “Making this show is the hardest work I’ve done, but it’s also a personal joy and privilege. I was on set for the season finale, of course. As we shot the scene where Irving yells, ‘Chastain lives!’ I asked our fabulous producing director Rob Corn for a take where he yells, ‘Chastain lives! On to Season 7!’ The entire ER echoed with the cheers. This cast is the happiest and most unified I’ve seen in all my time in the business. The incredible crew loves coming to work. I will always be proud of all we’ve done and how we’ve done it. If it ends, there will be sorrow, but we rang the bell. If not, our goal has always been higher and higher, better and better. I can promise a great Season 7, should it occur.”

Why was The Resident cancelled?

The Resident

Why was The Resident cancelled? According to Variety, ratings for Season 6 were down 27 percent from Season 5. The magazine also reported that The Resident hit a low of a 0.5 rating in the key 18 to 49 demographic and suffered a 12 percent drop in viewership with an average audience of 6.9 million viewers. The numbers were a 69 percent drop in the 18 to 49 demographic and a 35 percent drop in viewers from The Resident season 1 in 2018.

Along with its lower ratings, The Hollywood Reporter also reported at time of its cancellation that The Resident‘s lead star Matt Czuchry — who played chief resident Conrad Hawkins — was cast in the upcoming Season 12 of American Horror Story, which is produced by 20th Television, the same production company as The Resident. The Resident’s cancellation also came days after news broke that FOX had ordered another medical drama, Doc, which is based on the Italian series, Doc – Nelle tue mani, which translates to “Doc — in your hands” in English. Doc centers on Dr. Amy Alias, chief of internal and family medicine at a hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota, who’s recovering from a brain jury that’s wiped out the last eight years of her memory.

“After a brain injury erases the last eight years of her life, Amy must navigate an unfamiliar world where she has no recollection of patients she’s treated, colleagues she’s crossed, the soulmate she divorced, the man she now loves and the tragedy that caused her to push everyone away. She can rely only on her estranged 17-year-old daughter, whom she remembers as a 9-year-old, and a handful of devoted friends, as she struggles to continue practicing medicine, despite having lost nearly a decade of knowledge and experience,” reads a full description of the series.”

Doc — Nelle tue mani premiered on the Italian network Rai 1 in 2020 and became the channel’s biggest debut in more than a decade. The show’s format was sold to a dozen other countries and led to seven local versions before FOX’s Doc. “This moving and heroic medical drama is the very definition of storytelling excellence and what audiences have come to expect from FOX,” Michael Thorn, president scripted programming at Fox Entertainment, told The Hollywood Reporter. “Doc explores the raw emotion, redemption and resilience of the human spirit in ways we rarely see, and for that, we credit the creative leadership of Barbie, Hank and Erwin, who we know will bring this story to spectacular life, this extraordinary source material and our deeply valued partners at Sony.”

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