Matthew Casey and Sylvie Brett in Chicago Fire
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There’s no denying the romance between Chicago Fire’s Matthew Casey and Sylvie Brent. If you’re a big “Brettsey” stan, you might be wondering who Jesse Spencer and Kara Killmer are dating in real life — and what their relationship is like outside of the show.

Chicago Fire is NBC’s first responder-centered drama series that spotlights the professional and personal lives of firefighters, rescue personnel and paramedics of the Chicago Fire Department’s fictional Firehouse 51. Jesse Spencer plays Matthew Casey, a lieutenant (and eventual captain) at Firehouse 51 and an officer in charge of Truck Company 81. Casey was a recurring character from the first season of the firefighter drama until Spencer exited in season 10. Meanwhile, Kara Killmer plays Sylvie Brett, the Ambulance 61 paramedic who transferred to Firehouse 51 in season 3 to replace the late Leslie Shay.

Casey and Brett’s relationship history is far from simple. When Brett came to Firehouse 51, Casey was currently dating Gabby Dawson (Monica Raymund) who worked alongside Brett in the paramedic unit. Brett only developed only a casual friendship with Casey during that time. Dawson and Casey were briefly married until Dawson left Chicago Fire in the season 6 finale. Casey and Brett bonded over missing Dawson and the duo got closer during that time.

In season 7, Brett entered a relationship with Kylie Sheffield (Teddy Sears), a fire chaplain for the CFD. She said yes to his proposal in the season 7 finale but contemplated her decision in the premiere episode of season 8. The couple broke up shortly after, and Casey and Brett’s relationship began to progress slowly, but surely, from season 7 to season 9. The couple shared their first kiss in season 9, episode 2, “That Kind of Heat.” However, things started to go downhill when Casey moved to Oregon to be with Andy Darden (Corey Sorenson)’s two sons. The couple decided to try long distance during that time, but in the end, it was too difficult for Brett to keep up with. Brett broke up with Casey over the phone in season 11, episode 1, “Hold On Tight.”

Read on to see who Jesse Spencer and Kara Killmer are dating in real life, and learn more about their off-screen friendship that transcends the couple’s tumultuous relationship on Chicago Fire.

Who is Jesse Spencer dating in real life?

Jesse Spencer from Chicago Fire with wife Kali Woodruff Carr

Who is Jesse Spencer dating in real life? Jesse Spencer is married to neuroscientist Kali Woodruff Carr. The couple met at a Chicago music festival in 2014 and dated for five years before Spencer proposed to Carr in 2019. Spencer popped the question while the couple was hiking in the Peruvian Andes. On June 27, 2020, they got married in a secret, intimate ceremony in Carr’s hometown of Neptune Beach, Florida.

‘Despite a spike in COVID, a venue change, a Saharan dust plume, not to mention a torrential thunderstorm, we made it across the line on our wedding day, and I’m a very lucky man,’ Jesse told the publication,” Spencer told The Daily Telegraph in October 2020. ‘What a silver lining to 2020. She’s smart, pretty and way ahead of her years,’ he added.

Prior to his relationship with Kali, Spencer had several high-profile flings, including one with his House costar Jennifer Morrison, who he allegedly proposed to in Paris in 2006. He also dated Brazilian surfer Maya Gabeira in 2010, but the two split up in 2013 after three years of dating.

Who is Kara Killmer dating in real life?

Chicago Fire's Kara Killmer and husband Andrew Cheney

Who is Kara Killmer dating in real life? Killmer is married to fellow actor Andrew Cheney. The pair met in 2015 when they were both cast in the movie, Beyond the Mask. They tied the knot in May 2016 after one year of dating.

What is Jesse Spencer and Kara Killmer’s relationship like in real life?

Matthew Casey and Sylvie Brett in Chicago Fire

What is Jesse Spencer and Kara Killmer’s relationship like in real life? Although “Brettsey” was on the rocks on screen, the two have a great relationship off of the show. When Spencer left the Chicago Fire, he spoke with TV Line in October 2021 about what it was like working with Killmer. “It was difficult because I really like Kara [Killmer, who plays Brett]. We’ve established a really, really nice relationship. I loved working with her… But it was written really well into the episode because they’re trying to make this relationship work, but they know that he’s leaving. So, they’re sort of saying nothing is going to change, but…”

Killmer also opened up her relationship with Spencer and expressed similar feelings. “I love working with Jesse. He is a total dork and so fun to be around. People have asked do I like that they are in a romance and what do I think about that. If them being in a romantic relationship means if I get to work with Jesse more than great,” she told Starry Mag in November 2020. “If them staying friends means I get to work with Jesse more than that’s what I want. Whatever scenario allows me to get to work with Jesse that’s what I want. He’s a proper mate, so funny to be around, and is so good. His performances are so good.”

The actress frequently shares photos of Spencer and other Chicago Fire cast mates on her Instagram page. On May 25, 2022, she posted a video of her and Spencer dancing together with the caption: “The best ever. @nbconechicago @dickwolf #chicagofire #jessespencer.”


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