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For years, Stellaride has been a central romance on Chicago Fire. They fell in love, got married and survived dozens of near-death experiences. But could Stella Kidd be pregnant on Chicago Fire with Kelly Severide’s baby? Fans sure think so.

Chicago Fire is NBC’s drama series following the professional and personal lives of firefighters, rescue personnel and paramedics of the Chicago Fire Department’s fictional Firehouse 51. Miranda Rae Mayo plays Stella Kidd, a lieutenant with Firehouse 51, who joined Chicago Fire in season 4. Taylor Kinney plays Kelly Severide, another lieutenant with Firehouse 51, who has been on Chicago Fire since season 1 in 2012. Severide and Kidd started dating in season 4. They became engaged in season 9 and married in season 10.

“It did feel like a real wedding,” Kinney told NBC in 2022 of Kidd and Severide’s wedding episode. “It was a lot of fun shooting the Stellaride wedding…It was pretty magical, it was pretty special.” Kinney also revealed that he didn’t see Mayo in her character’s wedding dress until they filmed Kidd and Severide’s wedding scene. “I know hearing stories about people saying the first time they see their bride, so it was neat seeing her walk up with Boden. She looked beautiful, the dress was beautiful.” He continued, “The characters have been together for maybe four years and change; that’s close to 80 episodes. So it’s been a long time coming.”

But back to Stellaride now. So is Stella Kidd pregnant on Chicago Fire with Kelly Severide’s baby? Read on for the clues and fan theories about Stella Kidd’s pregnancy on Chicago Fire so far and if she and Severide could be expecting their first child.

Is Stella Kidd pregnant on Chicago Fire with Kelly Severide’s baby?

Stella Kidd, Chicago Fire

Is Stella Kidd pregnant on Chicago Fire with Kelly Severide’s baby? As of now, the answer is unclear. However, there is a theory that Kidd is pregnant and will learn the news by the end of season 11. In season 11, episode 16,
“Acting Up,” Kidd tells Joe Cruz — who replaced Severide as lieutenant while he’s been away from Firehouse 51 at an arson investigation program — that she’s worried his absence isn’t a result of something more serious. “I really miss him,” Kidd says. “I know it’s partly because I didn’t have time to prepare. The slot [in the arson investigation program] came up so suddenly.” When Cruz agrees and tells Kidd that it felt like Severide just “disappeared,” Kidd responds, “He really jumped at the chance. And I don’t know why, honestly. I always thought the arson was his side gig. Now suddenly, it’s center stage.”

Cruz then tells Kidd, It’s still a great experience no matter what.” Kidd agrees and responds, “I did this last year. I went away, got wrapped up in Girls on Fire, and got a little distance, so I get it. Throwing yourself into a project for a while can be great.” Then Kidd reveals her true concern over Severide’s absence. “I just hope I’m not missing something. That there’s not something more serious going on. That’s all.”

In season 11, episode 17, “The First Symptom,” Kidd reveals that she’s been visiting Severide while he’s been at the arson investigation program, which is when fans believe they had sex and Kidd may have become pregnant. That same episode, Kidd and Cruz also talk about how Cruz has had less time to spend with his kids — sons Otis and Javi, whom he shares with his wife, Chloe Allen — since working more hours at Firehouse 51. “I haven’t been to a school game in weeks. I even missed out on Otis saying Javi’s name for the first time. He called him Vi-Vi. I don’t know how you juggle everything as a lieutenant,” Cruz says. That’s when Kidd says something that fans believe could be an Easter egg to her pregnancy later in season 11. “I don’t have to deal with the kids part…yet,” Kidd says.
After the episode, a Reddit user posted a thread in March 2023 theorizing that Kidd will learn she’s pregnant with Severide’s baby by the Chicago Fire season 11 finale. “We all know that while Stella was visiting Kelly, that they most likely had sex. Do you think the finale or a couple episodes prior will consist of Stella finding out she’s pregnant and that prompting Kelly to come back or Kelly returns and Stella has to tell him in the finale or something like that? Again just hypothetical but that would be interesting for a finale,” the user wrote.
Other users agreed that it’s possible Kidd is pregnant based on the hints Chicago Fire had teased at the time. “I think if there’s another season then it’s possible for Stella to be pregnant. They seem to be hinting at it. I think she’d hate being pregnant because she doesn’t want to be off duty but she’s still excited to have a kid, but nervous,” another user wrote. “Maybe that’s what prompts Kelly to come back (if Taylor comes back). Or Kelly comes back and she finds out with him. I feel like both Kelly and Stella would panic about the idea of a kid just because they didn’t have good parental figures (kelly) or any parental figures at all (stella)”
Another user commented, “I kinda had the idea that Stella and Kelly would have a kid in some way (pregnancy or adoption or something) and Kelly would move to OFI full time to be the primary caregiver of the kid while Stella remained at 51 on Truck. Because they keep pushing Kelly to OFI despite him previously stating that he doesn’t want to. And when they have a kid they might think it too risky to have them both on the frontlines. Plus both being on the same shift might be hard with a kid.”
Other users believe Kidd’s pregnancy could be a away to write off both Kidd and Severide on Chicago Fire, especially given Matthew Casey’s guest appearance in season 11, episode 18, “Danger Is All Around.””She could find out she’s pregnant and have to take time off, which allows Casey to return to the helm of 81,” a user wrote. Another user theorized Kidd could be written out in a more tragic way. “Not related but the ending I always wanted Stella gets pregnant and has a child, dies on shift in a horrible but heroic (come on its Stella you know if they are going to kill her its going to be the most heroic way possible) We see a full color funeral (We didn’t see a full one with Benny),” the user wrote. “A full blown line of death funeral that will bring us all to tears and weep like children. Severide switches to OFI and retires from squad 3 and becomes a great dad. The last shot of 51 is some new firefighter walking up to the building.”

Is Kelly Severide leaving Chicago Fire?

Chicago Fire, Kelly Severide

Is Kelly Severide leaving Chicago Fire? The answer is no. Deadline reported in January 2023 that Taylor Kinney — who has played Severide on Chicago Fire since season 1 — was taking a “leave of absence” from the series to deal with a “personal matter.” Deadline — which reported that the cast and crew of Chicago Fire were informed of Kinney’s leave on January 20, 2023 — confirmed that Kinney’s leave is temporary and that he’s expected to be back on Chicago Fire. Deadline also reported that the cast and crew of Chicago Fire were informed of his leave on January 20, 2023. Given that the finales of most Chicago Fire seasons air between mid-April to late-May, it’s possible that Severide could be out for the rest of season 11.

Severide’s most recent episode of Chicago Fire was season 11, episode 14, “Run like Hell,” in which he joined his wife, Stella Kidd, at Molly’s Pub, where she asks him about Captain Tom Van Meter, a commander and arson investigator for the Chicago Fire Department’s Office of Fire Investigation, who Severide has worked with. When Kidd asks Severide about Van Meter, Severide shows her his phone. When Kidd reads Severide’s phone, she looks surprised and asks him, “Wow. What are you going to do.”

The next episode — season 11, episode 15, “Damage Control” — sees Van Meter tell Deputy District Chief Wallace Boden Jr. that Severide has left Chicago to train at “the best arson investigation training program in the world.” He explained that the opportunity, which was too big for Severide to pass on, was at the last minute, which is why Severide wasn’t there to tell Boden himself. While Boden is disappointed, he tells Van Meter that the training will be a positive for Firehouse 51 when Severide returns.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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