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“We got out. And for that I am eternally grateful.”

There are few things as destructive or terrifying as an out-of-control fire. In what seems like the blink of an eye, a raging inferno can consume everything in its path and leave those in its wake devastated. Even as a fictional version of this type of disaster was playing out on Grey’s Anatomy after Meredith’s home caught fire, that show’s Caterina Scorsone was living through the nightmare in real life.

Now, Amelia’s portrayer is opening up about the horrific experience… and somehow, managing to focus on the positive which arose out of it. Her lengthy Instagram post detailing the life-changing events starts with a simple, blunt confession: “A couple of months ago my house burned down.”

What came next will chill the blood of any parent. “While getting my kids ready for bed and finishing bathtime,” she continues, “smoke began to seep up through the grout around the tub. When I looked down the hallway, a river of thick black smoke had already formed and was filling the house.”

Time moved quickly at that point. “One thing about fires,” she explained. “They happen fast. I had about two minutes to get my three kids out of the house, and we escaped with less than shoes on our feet. But we got out. And for that I am eternally grateful.”


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Sadly, not all of those who resided under her roof survived. “Heartbreakingly, we lost all four of our pets,” she shares. “We are still sitting with that loss, but we are lucky we got to love them at all.”

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As you can no doubt tell by this point, Scorsone is not one to allow herself to wallow in what was lost, but rather be grateful for what was found. “This is not a post about a fire,” she clarifies. “This is a post about community. This is a love letter to the incredible people that showed up and the incredible ways they did. Thank you to the firefighters and the investigators… to my neighbor who answered our frantic knocks at her door. Thank you to the parents at my kids’ school who sent toys and books, my friends at [Grey’s Anatomy] who sent clothing and supplies, my sisters who flew in to handle logistics so that I could be with my kids. Thank you to my team, who made everything easier.”

At the end of the day, she shares a lesson that we could all benefit from: “What we learned is that the only thing that matters are the people (and beings) that you love. The only thing that matters is community. We would not be here without it and we are so grateful.”

She then goes on to share several photos “to honor the space we once called home, to say goodbye to the animals that loved us so well, and to celebrate that we have the only thing we ever really needed: each other.”

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As you might expect, the comment section was filled with an outpouring of love and support from friends, strangers, loved ones and co-workers. “”I hope I never have to deal with anything like this,” wrote co-star Chris Carmack (Link). “But if I do, I hope I can follow your example of grace under terrible circumstances.”

Camilla Ludington (Jo, Grey’s Anatomy) dubbed Scorsone “an incredible mom inspiration,” while Yvette Nicole Brown (who recently cameo’d on General Hospital) spoke for all of us when she wrote, “I’m glad you and your family made it out in time.”

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