Soap mashup with phyllis clapping, liz on the phone, sheila driving and Bo looking annoyed
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They’re just saying what we’re all thinking! 

Twists, turns, brainwashings and falls — a lot happened last week, which means fans had plenty to say! So we gathered up some of your most entertaining, refreshing and heartfelt tweets about The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital and The Young and the Restless to take a look back.

Days of Our Lives

Salem got a little safer this week as Harris’ tip-off led to Megan’s capture. Not that it seems to have helped his case out that much, seeing as how he’s still handcuffed to his hospital bed!

“I don’t think Harris should exist and we shouldn’t be watching anything that involves him,” Lysie tweeted. “But it makes no sense that he’s under this much scrutiny for being brainwashed when Princess Gina is standing right there.”

OK, a little harsh, but… fair point! Princess Gina, do you have anything to say? Maybe you’d like to consult with the two pals who’ve been helping you out, the Pawn and EJ’s little soldier, Patch? Or maybe his pal, “Stevano”? Nothing from the Hope/John/Steve brainwash crew? Carry on.

Of course, Megan captured or not, Bo is still running around out there with Kayla. And when we say Bo, we mean —

OK, OK! Let’s just say… the fans are not happy about Bo being something of an emotionless jerk trying to claim his Kiriakis heritage and move on… Maybe next week will be a bit better?

The Bold and the Beautiful

For fans of The Bold and the Beautiful, Sheila (as she so often does) took center stage. Or rather, her fall did! What fall, you may ask if you missed last week. Well, Dominique helpfully shared the moment that “Caroline — no… I meant Sheila went over Bill’s balcony.”

Reduce, reuse and recycle? Wait… they were wearing the same outfit, too?!

But don’t worry, Sheila was fine! She fled the scene with nary a scratch and flew straight to Deacon! Actually, that was weird, right? Miss Abby certainly thinks so!

“We are supposed to believe that Sheila fell that far, bounced off the stone balcony and gets up and walks away? Please.”

It’s the bouncing part that gets us. But we guess Sheila is indestructible! She can’t be — wait… she had a heart attack after all that? OK, stay tuned, because if that actually ends up felling her, we’re pretty sure folks are going to have a whole lot more to say!

The Young and the Restless

Meanwhile, over in Genoa City, Phyllis put on the act of a lifetime when she collapsed at the big bicentennial gala after her meltdown. And the fans… The fans had some thoughts. And they weren’t kind ones. Because speaking of Sheila:

“Honestly,” Sophia tweeted, “Sheila Carter is more hinged over at Bold & Beautiful than Phyllis is at this point.” Ouch.

The good news is, we got at least one Emmy-worthy performance out of all this drama. Because as soon as Diane spotted Phyllis with her engagement ring and she and Jack realized Stark had swiped it, she took matters into her own hands!

“The Daytime Emmy goes to,” just imagine a drumroll here in the middle of Jeanne’s tweet, “The look on the EMT’s face, as Diane snatched her engagement out of Phyllis’s hand on that stretcher and put it right back on her finger!”

Bravo! Bravo! Of course, then Phyllis disappeared on her way to the hospital, so we’ve got a few questions for Mr. Emmy Winning EMT here…

General Hospital

It was a tough week over in Port Charles, but that is not in any way because the show let us down. They knocked it out of the park with one episode in particular as it gave fans, actors and characters a chance to say goodbye to Sonya Eddy and Epiphany. So we thought we’d leave you with a bit of heart after all the (sometimes frustrated) laughs.

“I just finished Sonya Eddy’s farewell episode and did nothing but cry,” Casey tweeted. “From the returns to the background music, to the flashbacks, to hearing Leslie Charleson’s voice, to Rebecca Herbst’s Emmy worthy performance… just wow. What a great send off for such a one-of-a-kind character and actress.”

We’re pretty sure even the most casual of General Hospital fans were reduced to tears the entire hour. If you haven’t checked it out yet, cue it up and grab the tissues. You are definitely going to need them.

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