best worst mashup
Credit: CBS screenshot (2), Howard Wise/JPI, Jill Johnson/JPI, ABC

We’re callin’ em as we — and, we suspect, you — see ’em. The good, the bad and the… “What the hell am I even watching here?!?”

It was the theme song for the classic sitcom The Facts of Life that went, “Ya take the good, ya take the bad the bad, ya take ’em both, and there ya have the… ” Well, in the song, it’s — duh — the facts of life. But in the case of your friends at, it’s the first of our quarterly reviews of not only General Hospital, The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful and Days of Our Lives but a whole host of our favorite primetime and streaming dramas, too.

Although we’re only starting the fourth month of the year, it’s already been a doozy, hasn’t it, what with that brutal General Hospital breakup (we’re still not recovered!), a Young & Restless catfight for the ages (it even bruised our screens!), a Bold & Beautiful twist that we hadn’t dared to hope was coming (even though it made not a lick of sense!) and enough sci-fi shenanigans on Days of Our Lives to leave us thinking we’d accidentally started watching Dark Shadows again. But which of the plots sizzled and which fizzled?

We have a hunch you have your own ideas about that. So after you check out the below photo gallery of our picks for the year’s best and worst (so far), hit the comments with your thoughts. First, though, without further ado, daytime’s 2023 winners and losers.