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If you finished the first season of Hallmark’s time-traveling mystery, you may be wondering if there will be a season 2 of The Way Home and when the series will return to answer all the unanswered questions about Jacob’s disappearance and how the Landry pond came to be.

The Way Home is Hallmark Channel drama series about Kat Landry and Alice Dhawan, a mother and daughter, who move back to the small farm town in Canada where Kat grew up and learn that they have the ability to time travel between the past and present by way of a mysterious pond on their family’s property. In an interview with Cinema Blend in January 2023, Chyler Leigh, who plays Kat and is also an executive producer on The Way Home, explained how she relates to the series’ family dyanmic.

“It’s funny, because I think it really is one of the only experiences that I’ve had playing a mom, and I’ve been a mom for so long in my life. I have two girls, 13 and 16, and my son is 19,” she said. “So I have a daughter that is Alice’s age, and it’s just been really cool to kind of draw upon my own experiences, just from different things going on in my own personal life, and be able to use that has kind of built up a bit of that wellspring to draw upon so that I can be a bit more believable to go through the motions of a broken relationship between mother and daughter, and how hard that can be and zeal to try to make it better, but you have no idea how to do it.”

Since its premiere, The Way Home has become one of Hallmark Channel’s most successful original series. So will there be a season 2 of The Way Home? Read on for what we know about The Way Home season 2 and what happens next for the Landrys.

Will there be a season 2 of The Way Home?

The Way Home

Will there be a season 2 of The Way Home? The answer is yes. Deadline reported in March 2023 that Hallmark Channel had renewed The Way Home for a second season.

“The press and our audience have enthusiastically embraced The Way Home from the first episode making the decision to renew the series an easy one,” Lisa Hamilton Daly, Executive Vice President, Programming at Hallmark Media said in a statement at the time. “We’re thrilled to be able to continue the journey of the Landry family and can’t wait for fans to see what’s next.” Laurie Ferneau, Senior Vice President, Development at Hallmark Media, continued,“Heather Conkie, Alexandra Clarke and Marly Reed have created a rich, textured story filled with heart and mixed with intrigue that’s proven to be a winning combination. Season two is sure to bring more drama and mystery as the Landry family’s history is revealed.”

Chyler Leigh, who plays Kat Landry, confirmed to Tell Tale TV in March 2023, that the main storyline in The Way Home season 2 will be around Jacob Landry—Kat’s younger brother and Colton and Del’s son—who went missing in 1999 and was presumed dead. The season 1 finale of The Way Home revealed Jacob is still alive and time-traveled to 1814 after he followed his dog, Finn, into the same family pond that sent his future niece, Alice Dhawan, back to the 1990s.

“And if that’s exactly where Jacob is, then how old is he? What is his story like at this point? What did happen? But where is he now? And what kind of life has he had to make over there if the pond didn’t bring him back to where you need to be?” Leigh said. “And does Kat always need to go back to the 1800s? And what does that spark? Does that help us discover how the pond came to be at all? Which is, I think, definitely something that we are exploring in season 2. We need to know the origin story of one of the biggest characters in the show, which is the pond.”

Leigh also confirmed to TV Line in March 2023 that the writers of The Way Home had already started writing season 2. “I’m getting little bits and pieces. I know they’re in the writers’ room as we speak right now,” she said. “That is one thing I’m so excited about is to just get back there and figure out how did Kat get there. What has it been like? Because they call her, obviously, like a witch. So the idea of her being able to predict or know the future back in a time when witches or anybody with some sense of clairvoyance were being burned at the stake, hence the pitchforks and the angry people coming after her.” She continued, “And the way that she looks. How did she get to that point? I loved seeing the majority of people think that it’s Alice. I think that’s solely because of, obviously, the long hair. So how her hair is so long, and how she looks and why she looks the way she does, why she’s wearing that outfit, is all definitely going to be part of the explanation pretty quick once we jump into season 2.”

When does The Way Home season 2 come out?

The Way Home

When does The Way Home season 2 come out? A release date for The Way Home season 2 hasn’t been announced yet. However, given that The Way Home season 1 premiered in January 2023, it’s possible that season 2 will also premiere in January 2024 or even sooner. According to Deadline, The Way Home season 1 started filming in August 2022, which was four months before it premiered on Hallmark Channel. If The Way Home season 2 follows the same timeline, it’s possible that the second season could premiere on Hallmark Channel as early as late July 2023.

Who’s in The Way Home season 2 cast?

The Way Home

Who’s in The Way Home season 2 cast? The Way Home season 2 cast hasn’t been announced yet, however, it’s expected that it will include most of the cast from the first season. One actor who could be new is the older version of Jacob, who could be older depending on when his family time-travels to find him. See below for the full cast of The Way Home season 1.

  • Chyler Leigh as Katherine “Kat” Landry Dhawan
  • Alex Hook as Teenage Kat Landry
  • Evan Williams as Elliot Augustine
  • David Webster as Teenage Elliot Augustine
  • Sadie Laflamme-Snow as Alice Dhawan
  • Andie MacDowell as Delilah “Del” Landry
  • Jefferson Brown as Colton Landry
  • Remy Smith as Jacob Landry
  • Al Mukadam as Brayden “Brady” Dhawan
  • Siddharth Sharma as Teenage Brady
  • Nigel Whitmey as Byron Groff
  • Samora Smallwood as Monica Hill
  • Monique Jasmine Paul as Teen Monica
  • Marnie McPhail-Diamond as Rita Richards
  • Ali Prijono as Zoey
  • Kateam O’Connor as Spencer Hill
  • Peyson Rock as Danny Sawyer
  • Baeyen Hoffman as young Danny Sawyer
  • Kerry James as Nick
  • Sam Braun as Teen Nick
  • Alex Mallari Jr. as Dr. Andy Stafford
  • Laura de Carteret as Joyce
  • Megan Fahlenbock as Jude

The Way Home is available to stream on Hallmark Movies Now.

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