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We don’t even want to think about what it could mean.

Jesse Lee Soffer’s exit as Jay Halstead was announced last September and came as a huge shock to Chicago PD viewers, especially to those who were fans of the popular onscreen couple known affectionately as “Upstead”. Now he’s returned to the show, although perhaps not in the capacity that the aforementioned portion of the audience would prefer… but just because he’s behind the cameras this time, doesn’t mean he’s forgotten about his character or the dilemma Jay left in his wake.

In a new interview with our sister site, TV Line, Soffer was put on the spot regarding Halstead’s “abrupt” decision to leave Chicago for Bolivia to undertake a dangerous mission tracking a cartel with hardly a heads-up to his wife. But he was quick to come to his alter-ego’s defense when Jay was accused of ‘ghosting’ Hailey. He exclaimed, “Well, he didn’t ghost her! He had a whole conversation about how he had to go and this and that.”

It was then pointed out that Halstead stopped taking Upton’s calls (she also found out he’d extended his tour). Soffer admitted, “I can’t speak to what he’s doing now,” but assured concerned Chicago PD fans, “I think Gwen [Sigan, showrunner] and the writers, they have a plan.” While he advised viewers to “trust the process,” he also dropped what could be taken as a warning when he reminded them: “Our show’s a pretty dark show.”

Egad, we don’t even want to think about what that could mean given that Halstead hasn’t been heard from and is in a life-threatening situation.

On the bright side, one nugget that can be taken as a positive — when asked about a potential return as Halstead, Soffer replied, “Never say ‘never’.”

As for his current return to the franchise, as most Chicago PD fans will already be aware, Soffer has directed tonight’s episode entitled, Deadlocked. He teased that the thrilling hour will be a throwback to older episodes as Voight returns to his old ways in an attempt to see justice done when a juror is compromised during a high-stakes murder trial.

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