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Heartache, grave danger, a reveal… and a Young & Restless guest star.

There is a lot going on for the firefighters and paramedics of Firehouse 51 this week, with at least one person’s life on the line. As Chicago Fire swings into season 11, episode 16, entitled, “Acting Up,” spoilers leave us with more questions than answers.

It looks like the situation isn’t improving for Christopher and Cindy Hermann as she continues to battle cancer and undergo chemotherapy. In the latest teaser photos, Hermann’s wife is in bed and has lost her hair thanks to the treatments. The lieutenant, who is working and looking after the kids as he supports Cindy, is depicted looking grim.
Hermanns Chicago Fire

In other disturbing news, it appears that Stella Kidd will face death when a call goes wrong. The promo released for Chicago Fire season 11, episode 16 reveals that Kidd will be held at gunpoint at point-blank range when Truck 81 responds to an emergency in an apartment building and armed gang members storm the premises. Her next move in this situation could determine whether she lives or dies! Will one of the brave firefighters on her team be able to intervene and save her life?

Stella’s fate remains to be seen, but we do know she’s safe and sound behind the bar at Molly’s at some point during the episode as spoilers pics show her in conversation with Violet and Seager as she serves drinks. Chicago Fire fans may recall that Wendy Seager, who once crushed hard on Severide, recently hooked up with Kidd’s newest firefighter, Sam Carver.
Seager Violet Kidd Chicago Fire

Does Seager’s appearance at the bar indicate that she’s hoping to reconnect with Carver and start a relationship? If so, we have to wonder if he feels the same way or if it was more of a one-night stand in his eyes.

If Carver drops in at Molly’s will his reaction to Seager make waves with others at Firehouse 51? We couldn’t help but speculate that their connection might be revealed in an, erm, uncomfortable way when we saw the teaser photo below.
Violet Ritter Stella Chicago Fire

Before we show you the gripping Chicago Fire promo, if you’re a soap opera fan, you might recognize a familiar face in episodes 16 and 17 as Young & Restless alum Chris McKenna guest stars as Keith Bamford. Get your first look at him in the role below in a scene with Joe Cruz.
Joe, Bamford Chicago Fir

Chicago Fire season 11, episode 16 airs Wednesday, March 22 on NBC. Check your local listings for exact times.

Don’t miss seeing your favorite Chicago Fire stars and their real-life partners in the gallery below.

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