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“You can’t take anything for granted.”

The time is almost here, time for the debut of the Hallmark Channel’s new rodeo series, Ride, starring Last Man Standing’s Nancy Travis as matriarch Isabel McMurray with The Bold and the Beautiful alum Dylan Neal (ex-Dylan) in the mix as Daniel, plus a few Heartland favorites, and so many more talented stars! Tune in this Sunday, March 26, at 9 pm, for the exciting Season 1 premiere where the most powerful force of nature is… family.

And in the episode titled Legend of the Fall, viewers will watch how after a tragic event that costs Isabel’s oldest son Austin his life, the McMurrays, and his wife Missy, are forced to pick up the pieces to save their Colorado ranch. Throughout the season, the family will be faced with many dangers, physical and otherwise, as they set out on a quest filled with heartache, new beginnings, romance and more.

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In the extended preview below, Isabel, who lost her husband years ago, talks about how she’s spent her life protecting — and worrying about holding onto — the renowned family ranch. When she’s reminded of how much bull riding pays, she refuses to put another one of her sons’ lives on the line just to keep the ranch afloat. However, Cash, pictured above, has other ideas and climbs on top of one of the circuit’s grueling beasts.

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Get your first look here…

And go behind the scenes with the cast, where one revealed, “Part of the magic of the show is that we shoot everything practically. We are really on a ranch in the Rockies, we’re really in the ring with bulls and bullfighters.”

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Before you go… If you’re asking yourself, “Hey, where have I seen that star before?” then we have you covered. Get to know the cast of Ride — and see some of their past credits — in our gallery below.

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