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It’s all, they claim, just a misunderstanding! 

Earlier this week we reported that soap vet Forbes March was arrested, our sister site Deadline reports, and charged with grand larceny for the alleged theft of used cooking oil from a diner. Yes, you read that right — not just cooking oil from a diner but used cooking oil from a diner.

It sounds bonkers to us, too, but according to the article, the police estimate that the cooking oil could have sold for more than a thousand bucks. Now, March’s attorney, Jared K. Hart, has responded, according to Deadline, and called the matter “trumped up” civil charges because of a “competitor in the biodiesel market.”

ALL MY CHILDREN - shot 10/6/1999Becca (Abigail Spencer) and Scott (Forbes March) at BJ's(Photo by ABC Photo Archives/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images)ABIGAIL SPENCER; FORBES MARCH

In 1999, March and a Marilyn’d out Abigail Spencer were among All My Children.

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Confused? Well, It turns out that used cooking oil can be used to manufacture biofuels, so as fuel prices have risen in recent years, the frequency of its theft has increased, in particular in the Northeast, where March now runs a firewood-delivery company. He and another man are accused of siphoning cooking oil from a storage container behind a diner in Ulster, NY.

March’s attorney says that while approximately 90 gallons of the used oil belonged to Buffalo Biodesel, the containers taken “appeared abandoned and contained mostly dirty rainwater that would later have to be separated out.” It was a misunderstanding due to poor markings failing to indicate that another company had already claimed the oil for biofuel manufacturing.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE, Forbes March, Kamar De Los Reyes, Bree Williamson, Erika Slezak, Jerry Verdorn, (Season 39, aired week of August 28, 2006), 1968-, photo: Heidi Gutman / © ABC / Courtesy Everett Collection

That time Jessica forgot whether it was her date night or her alter’s on One Life to Live…

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March’s firewood delivery company, his attorney continues, had purchased a pre-existing used oil collection route and the diner in question was one that the route serviced. The owner of the diner the oil was taken from, March claims, had even informed him that the containers were there for him. And almost immediately upon discovering the error, says he offered to pump the oil back in, but the police took it into custody before he could. You can check out the entire statement on Deadline.

Back in his soap days, March played Scott Chandler on All My Children between Daniel Cosgrove’s stints as Stuart’s son; vintner Nash Brennan, a love interest for Jessica Buchanan’s alternate personality Tess on One Life to Live; and Mason Jarvis, a spoiler in As the World Turns’ Luke/Noah romance.

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Hands to yourself, buddy. Eyes, too, for that matter!

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