News mashup

Catch up the stories you might have missed last week — and peek ahead at the ones you’ll be excited about this week!

The good news that is spring is in the air. The bad news is that so is Daylight Savings Time! If the jump ahead has got you feeling out of sorts and you’re having a rough time keeping up with all of your favorite daytime happenings, we’re here to catch you right back up. So we’ve put together some General Hospital, The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful and Days of Our Lives stories that might have escaped your notice. Plus, we’ve added recaps of what came before and a tacked on previews of what lies ahead! Read on and stay in the know!

Days of Our Lives

John Steve Bo Hope Qs mashup jpi days

Megan, Harris, Bo and Hope — Days of Our Lives is giving us so many returns, you could forgive us for thinking we were about to celebrate some sort of milestone anniversary. And the show’s not done. Two more supercouples are making their way back to the soap! To be fair, as you’ll see when you read about the reveals, it’s actually one bona fide supercouple and two major legacy characters who could be your next favorite pairing!

Last week… Stefan told Gabi to stay married to Li so they could get his shares and rule DiMera together. Stefan then discovered EJ was drugging him. Sloan froze Paulina’s and Chanel’s assets, but that didn’t stop Chanel from hiring Jada’s sister Talia as her new baker. After his divorce came through, Xander rejected Gwen. She then ended up at the bar with Alex, who came in after butting heads with his new boss, Maggie.

This week… Somebody get the defibrillator paddles because Marlena and Kayla are in for a shock on Friday, March 17, with Kate getting a separate one of her own! But while we’re pretty darn sure one of those might be Bo, we can’t help but wonder what other surprises Megan has up her sleeve.

General Hospital

scotty and lucy 2019 Nurses Ball on General Hospital

This year’s Nurses Ball promises to be an explosive return to form as General Hospital celebrates its 60th anniversary. Yes, there’s going to be big threat that unites all of Port Charles, but last week we also learned that we’ll be getting a surprise return to help kick off the festivities!

Last week… With information from Deputy Mayor Ashby, Anna and the others deduced the numbers hidden in the Ice Princess fragments were coordinates to a spot on Victor’s radar. The puppetmaster was frustrated after performance issues with Eileen, a side effect of the drug Holly had slipped into his cocktails. After filing to stop Spencer from taking her baby home, Esme and Ace were transferred back to Spring Ridge. Nina and Ava figured out that Carly and Drew had committed insider trading. Lucy was livid to learn Maxie and Bobbie were bringing the Nurses Ball back — without her.

This week… As Sonny and Carly find themselves in a strikingly familiar situation on Friday, March 17, and Joss and Dex end up at odds, we can’t help but wonder if we’re getting a reunion and a breakup on the same day!

The Young and the Restless

Victor stuns Adam Y&R

We all know that Victor has plans for Adam, much as he does for each and every one of his children! Whether they ever follow those plans is another matter, but he tries. Eric Braeden, on the other hand, is happy to let his real-life son forge his own path — and even happier when he can share some thrilling family news!

Last week… Summer flipped out over Sally’s pregnancy and devised a plot to get her out of Nick’s life. Adam discussed Victor’s vision for him with Nick. Tucker, meanwhile, continued courting on Devon to buy his empire and kissed Ashley. Billy considered returning to Jabot and flirted with Chelsea as she planned her video game for Daniel’s platform. Jack proposed to Diane, she accepted, and Phyllis figured out that they were hiding from Stark at the cabin.

This week… Let’s hope Victor doesn’t lose his cool when he makes a shocking discovery on Wednesday, March 15. And just to be clear, we’re hoping that for everyone around him!

The Bold and the Beautiful

Sheila B&B

Sheila’s got a secret, and it’s one that could blow the entire Forrester family right out of the water. But would she use it? Only Sheila knows the answer to that question. Well, Sheila and Kimberlin Brown! Find out what the actress has to say about the threat here.

Last week… Sheila and Deacon worried about what Bill would do if he caught them. Bill admitted to Liam that he doesn’t love Sheila, and Thomas apologized to Brooke at Hope’s request. Taylor attended Thomas’ therapy session, and Hope hired him back on Hope For the Future. This happened after she assured Liam she would not work with Thomas again. As they shook on it, Douglas thrilled Hope by announcing he wanted to go home to the cabin.

This week… Deacon had better watch his back because the Spencer men could spell trouble on Wednesday, March 15. While he’s wallowing in his feelings listening to Liam and Wyatt discuss Sheila, his secret lady love is panicking that Bill has discovered their affair!

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