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A fan favorite is headed back to Firehouse 51.

Chicago Fire viewers were stunned and saddened when it was announced that Taylor Kinney was taking a leave of absence from the show to deal with a personal matter. This, on the heels of Jesse Spencer’s exit as Matt Casey, saw two of the hit primetime series’ leading men gone rather unexpectedly… and had to have left some wondering about the show’s future success. Happily, there is good news to report for those concerned fans.

It was teased that Sam Carver’s love life would heat up as Severide departed the canvas — and it has — Kidd’s troubled firefighter hooked up with none other than the woman who worked with Kelly (and carried a torch for him) on several OFI cases, Wendy Seager.

Relative newcomer Carver has certainly provided drama and entertainment value, and we know there will be more to come, but with Severide’s abrupt departure, there was still a void to fill on Chicago Fire. And what better way to remedy that situation than to bring back a fan favorite?

According to Variety, Jesse Spencer is set to return in Season 11 as Casey returns to the firehouse he calls home from the west coast.

While it’s not clear how they will explain Casey leaving Oregon before his three-year commitment to his new position is up, frankly, we will just be happy to have him back at home in Chicago. And we won’t be the only ones — surely, Sylvie Brett will be thrilled as well, no?

Will ‘Brettsey” be able to pick up where they left off when they decided that although they loved each other, a long-term and long-distance relationship just wasn’t going to work out for them?

Brett has finally dipped her toe back into the dating pool with Dylan and could be committed to him by the time Casey returns, which could really complicate matters. We’re sure that despite the deep love she felt for her ex, she’d be reluctant to go all in with her heart again where he’s concerned. She might choose to stay with Dylan, who would be the safer choice — but would her heart prevail over her mind in the end?
Sylvie Dylan Chicago Fire

Casey, for that matter, could have met someone in Oregon and be bringing her back to Chicago with him. Imagine if he turned up with a wife by his side!

Regardless, everyone at Firehouse 51 will be surprised to see Casey back early, but gratified, as he brings a lot of heart to the station. As for what shake-ups will occur due to his arrival, we’ll be waiting until episode 18 to find out what’s in store. That said, now that his return has been confirmed, it’s likely Chicago Fire will be dropping hints. Be sure to tune in on Wednesdays on NBC as new episodes resume on March 22.

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