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Catch up on the stories you may have missed last week — and take a peek ahead at the ones you’ll be excited about this week!

School, work, errands, family — it all can seem like a bit too much sometimes! And when life gets like that, it can be tough to keep up with even the things that we love. Whatever your reason for falling behind, we’re here to catch you right back up. So we’ve put together some General Hospital, The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful and Days of Our Lives stories that may just have escaped your notice. Plus, we’ve added recaps of what came before and a tacked on previews of what lies ahead! Read on and stay in the know!

Days of Our Lives

Wearing a robe, Allie covers her face as she passes Wendy sleeping on the couch. A dressed Alex follows, with a furrowed brow and closed eyes.

Alex and Allie’s little fling torpedoed both her relationship and his hopes of taking over Titan. But what if that’s only the beginning of this story? After all, actions have consequences… and sometimes, they’re the type which tie two people together for the rest of their lives! Of course, were Allie to find out she’s pregnant, that would be a great reason for her — and portrayer Lindsay Arnold — to return. Is that a possibility? Find out what the actress had to say about why she really left Days and whether she might bring Allie back to Salem!

Last week… Sarah learned she is pregnant with Xander’s baby but kept the news under wraps as she accepted a job in Chicago. Maggie dashed Alex’s CEO hopes by telling him Victor appointed her to the top spot. Stefan’s deprogramming worked, but when he ran to tell Gabi he loved only her, he learned she was staying married to Li. The supposedly-dead women woke up to find they were being held by Megan, who prepared to implement phase two of her plan.  

This week… EJ believes that he and Nicole have the upper hand over Stefan, but on Friday, March 10, he might just find out the hard way that his brother is not to be trifled with. Get ready, because Stefan’s about to unleash yet another fiendish plot!

General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL - ABC's "General Hospital" stars Laura Wright as Carly Corinthos and Cynthia Watros as Nina Reeves. (ABC/Ricky Middlesworth)

We have a feeling life would be a lot easier for Carly if she and Nina just buried the hatchet and became gal pals instead of sworn enemies. And sure, that’s about as likely to happen as Sonny giving Scotty a warm hug. But perhaps Carly should take a few pointers from her portrayer, Laura Wright, who recently proved that she knows exactly what it takes to have a successful girl’s trip. All we can say is… sign us up!

Last week… Ava and Austin were dumbfounded when the only thing Dante found in the stables was Nikolas’ broken watch. It turned out that  Austin’s cousin Mason had Nikolas under his care, on life support. Anna and Felicia used a ghostly deception to coerce Eileen into working with them to bring Victor down. Nina was overjoyed when Obrecht was revealed to be a bone marrow match for Willow. But Liesl learned Elizabeth had known of Esme’s whereabouts and blamed her for being a party to Britt’s murder. Finally, Heather was returned to Darkham, while Spencer prepared to take Esme’s baby home with him, only to be told by Diane that wasn’t going to happen.

This week… With everything that’s gone on in her life of late, Nina’s no doubt glad to have at least a few people in her corner! After catching up with Curtis on Thursday, March 9, the following day, Nina’s feeling particularly lucky to have a confidante like Ava to share her secrets with!

The Young and the Restless

Melody Thomas ScottMelody Thomas Scott Photo ShootCBS television CityLos Angeles06/26/16© John Paschal/jpistudios.com310-657-9661

Over the course of Young & Restless‘ 50 years, Genoa City has seen countless couples come and go. And let’s face it, Nikki alone could account for a huge chunk of those romances! But in all her time on the show, which pairing completely “surprised” Melody Thomas Scott? Find out here, along with what she has to say about their prospects for the future!

Last week… Victoria and Nate kissed, but he told her he loves Elena. She then asked him to sabotage Devon, who was considering buying McCall Unlimited after Ashley ordered Tucker to offer it. Mariah returned with news of the baby, and Sally set boundaries with Adam. Chelsea and Daniel decided to team up on his gaming platform. Lily and Devon had a public blowout after he learned she’d hired Amanda. And as Phyllis went on a bender, Jack and Diane took off to the cabin, where he proposed.

This week… Billy had better watch out, because after butting heads with Ashley on Thursday, March 9, he’s going to be getting some downright shocking news. And given that “shocking” is rarely used to describe good news, we’re going to go out on a limb and assume what he learns will fall into the category of “troubling.”

The Bold and the Beautiful

Sean KananSean Kanan Photo Shoot Snap Studios Palm SpringPalm Springs01/08/22© John Paschal/JPI Studios.com310-871-6613

What is it about nice guy Sean Kanan that causes casting directors to look at him and say, “Ah, you’re perfect to play the local bad boy!” We’re not sure, but he’s made a great career out of it over the years! Now, even as Deacon is putting himself directly in Bill’s line of fire, find out what Kanan had to say about a daytime legend with whom he crossed swords in the past!

Last week… Carter’s 10-year anniversary at Forrester was celebrated. Steffy learned Thomas was in therapy and urged Hope to give him another chance at work — or have her fashion line cancelled! Wyatt and Liam had a go at Bill over Sheila, and the mogul finally confessed that if she betrayed him, she’d pay. Meanwhile, Sheila was betraying Bill… over at Deacon’s apartment.  

This week… We’ve got our fingers crossed that Hope makes good choices in the next few days because after dropping some shocking news on Liam on Thursday, March 9, she’s got a tough decision to make. Might she find herself caught between the ultimate rock and hard place?

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